Royal Airs ~ Sharon Shinn


Royal Airs is Sharon Shinn’s second book in her Elemental Blessings series. She is an author whose style I very much enjoy; I liked this second book as much as the first (Troubled Waters) partly because unlike the first one there were two perspectives in the story. She is one who masters this; for it does not feel forced, the flow between the two intertwining story lines is wonderful. And she has a knack for keeping me interested in what is going to happen even though it is not necessarily a big battle of fight. I enjoy how she can turn a situation that could be desperately bland into something powerful and exciting.

She also knows how to introduce a more intimate aspect of a relationship without it feeling as if it were coming out of nowhere nor as if we had known all along it would happen something I have struggled with in my own writing. The balance is hard to find and even in some well known best sellers I tend to think either “duh of course” or “really why is this happening?” She also knows where to draw the line between teasing hints and TMI, something it seems readership does not care much about. It appears most people enjoy the idea of “the more the better” whereas I tend to think that “less is more” unless you are really good at it.

She keeps me hooked and I would buy or advise any of her books without a second thought. An author to read for sure.


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