One And Only ~ Viv Daniels

This is another book I got for completing NaNo. And as I was mentioning in my previous post, this is one of these stories where you know the outcome from chapter one. Nothing surprising.

Yet unlike Finding Lucas, I found this one refreshing; easy writing style, light and yet convincing. I knew from the get go what the outcome was going to be but I found One and Only somewhat compelling in its own way. The circumstances were also more believable to me for all their strangeness; I can see how people surround their lives with lies to hide truths that they don’t want people to know – some of them more curious than others, some more painful than others. We all live a lie at some point, whether by choice or by imposition. I liked the fact that there are an entire set of people in this book who don’t even know they are part of a lie… interesting premise to me.

It’s not a book that will teach you much – although the protagonist’ decision to not let the rules set up by her cheating father could be a lesson that sometimes breaking the rules is good for you 😛  – but it still is enjoyable and agreeable to read. Not something you’d read five or six times but an easy read to relax before bed.


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