Finding Lucas ~ Samantha Stroh Bailey

When I said I was eclectic I meant it; I read everything. I got this story for free as a prize for participating to the NaNoWriMo in November 2013 and finishing a 50k word story.

Finding Lucas was tedious for me. Not so much in terms of the writing, which isn’t bad (unlike the Vampire Diaries which I could not wait to put down after 1 chapter) ; in fact it flows rather nicely, but the storyline is stilted. I don’t mind stories where I can see the outcome from the first few pages, I mean it happens, but I do mind when the outcome is forced. And in this case it was. The two protagonists are shoved together without that many good reasons and while I understand that it happens two people in a relationship can be attracted to each other (even seen it happen IRL) in this case the way it unfolds is awkward because it is way too fast considering the length of the relationships.

Everything falls too neatly into place, which you might expect in a story. My guess is that the author was also trying to constrain her writing to a certain number of words/pages but the story suffered from it instead.

Also I find it difficult to connect to a story with one dimensional characters… one too nice, one too nasty. There is potential; love stories always have it. But here it is too rushed and not really convincing. Too bad. Better luck next time.


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