The Oracle’s Vision ~ Prologue

She had craved for information and yet she had not wanted to see them; something felt terribly wrong as if the simple meeting she always tried to hold during her visit would go awfully awry. She knew she should listen to that powerful intuition; it came with her gift. And yet how could she deny the minor oracles of the god? They had come to the house she inhabited by two and three every day asking to see her and she had refused them trying to explain. Still she could not deny she wanted to see them; the urgency of their whispers reminded her how much she craved to hear the messages of the God. She had been blind for eleven months and here there was no temple dedicated to the Sun or the Ocean, not since Apollo’s and Poseidon’s oracles and primes conspired with Rome’s triumvirate to depose the Emperor two hundred years before.

Since they arrived in the city, there had been a tension in her body that should not be there, an underlying darkness that she could not touch and she was still deaf to the gods’ voices as she had not had the chance yet to visit Zeus’ temple. Still she had never really needed the priests’ blessings to hear outside of Delphi and she knew that something was amiss though she could not grasp the full message. She needed them to give her full access to her gift so she had relented; for her sake and theirs as only through the main oracle could they touch their gift.
There were so many of them who had spilled into the gardens; Delphinius – who was the first to try and speak with her – oversaw their entrance to keep it in order. He looked at her with a smile; she smiled back before she frowned as he let one man enter. A shiver ran through her entire body and as if he had felt it too Delphinius held the man’s wrist. The man was really a boy, unexpectedly tall but scrawny, and he let Delphinius hold him. The sense of unease disappeared; he was new that was all. She had never seen him before but he definitely had the aura of one of Apollo’s oracles. And yet… something nagged at her. They all sat in a semi-circle and she heard news… as their words washed over her, she could hear the voices from underneath. They were thunderous; of course she could hear his first of them all, but still she could hear the anger even from him and the sadness of betrayal. But it was unclear, which surprised her; usually when surrounded by oracles like her, it was easier to pick up the gods’ moods and messages. Not now: was it too troubled and obscure for them to even understand? Still she listened and she could feel the others trying to reach for the message and failing as well. She felt their frustration deeper than hers; she sighed. There was no forcing Fate; it would reveal itself in due time. But she could not ignore that a force was preventing her to listen to the gods. And she was what she was. She stood and they all knew they must leave. Still they came to speak to her even the young boy, young and yet old as she could see in his eyes. She might need to speak with Delphinius about taking care of him. He admitted to waiting for the time of her visit to come to the City for after his gift was discovered his family banished him; it happened often still even though the current emperor had tried to forbid this. People were afraid even though more often than not they did not know why Poseidon’s and Apollo’s oracles were a curse… he would be good, he already was. Maybe one to consecrate to a temple; she gave him a blessing when he asked and walked away.

And then someone else she had not noticed approached, but when he reached for her hand, she stepped back suddenly scared. Delphinius felt her movement and crossed the garden so fast she barely saw him move to stand between them. Too late: he had touched her and she felt something foreign spread through her skin.
“What have you done? What have you done?” She could not keep the panic from her voice as she felt the world shudder and the thunder she’d only heard before seemed to overwhelm her, take her. There was anger and sadness in her voice though it was not really hers but that of the one she served… “Oh child of mine… You shall die by the same token you have bestowed. Be gone from our presence lest you be struck with blindness.” And she fell, taken by darkness.



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