The Heat Is On ~ Under Pressure

In response to the daily prompt The Heat Is On

Pressure… an interesting concept; and we all react differently to it. We change over time though sometimes not as much as we would like to think. Pressure can be a powerful revealing tool; some people who seem extremely nice and friendly will reveal their true nature when being put under stress whether at work or in other relationships. As one of the characters I have been writing for years said just only a few days ago (interesting how things fall together) sometimes you have to yield and yielding doesn’t make you weak.

I used to hate pressure; I was the kind of person who would write the essays over the course of many weeks organizing my research and I would more often than not hand in my work a week or two in advance. In the musical Avenue Q the song I Wish I Could Go Back To College says

“We could be
Sitting in the computer lab
Four a.m before the final
Paper is due
Cursing the world
That I didn’t start sooner
And seeing the rest of the class there too.”

I would never be in that computer lab LOL… Or maybe I would but working on something due a month later. That did not make me the better student; some people would get better marks writing their papers the night before than me but one thing it taught me was to be organized in my work. It was not so much the time I took as the steps to get there.

Still it is somewhat confusing that I took a job in one of the most competitive and pressuring domain: sales and fundraising.
My entire work revolves around making targets within a certain amount of time: on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis and a yearly basis. In turns it means that one day not making goals can have an impact on the entire week. And since we are not talking small numbers sometimes the pressure is on from above: so when the winds blow wild I just yield to it. Still I strategize my campaign and my expectations of my staff over a few weeks; in fact this year I added some pressure myself trying to hit our final goal 7 weeks in advance and we are on our way to it. As far as I am concerned as long as I know what the expectations are, I can handle anything thrown my way. It’s actually a game; how much can I take? So far so good though it took me a couple of years to trust myself with pressure.

I think it is safe to say that I still don’t accept pressure in the sense that when I am given targets and expectations I will plan ahead down to the smallest details with the knowledge that not all will go according to plan but preparing for all possibilities. So in all honesty it takes a lot for me to feel pressure. The pressure that I don’t handle well is the one that will come from work dynamics and politics; I have never been good at it.

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