Game of Groans ~ Reality TV

In response to the daily prompt Game of Groans:
I’m sure you can guess 😉 . I did have fun writing this one.

That morning when Sally came to school, Rachel literally ran towards her. The excitement was totally visible; she knew. She was excited too.
“Oh my God! Did you see last night’s episode of A day in SSS* life??”
“I know. I couldn’t get away from it. Unbelievable right! I watched it twice. So awesome. And the suspense; like it was killing me.”
“I was just like… oh my God. I can’t believe she’s really going for it.”
“This is so great though. Like so inspirational or something.”
“She’s truly a role model right?”
“I know. Like wow.”
“You know I was wondering if she was going to do it. I mean the guy’s cute but he’s like a nobody.”
“Yes. But that’s so cool though; it’s true love. And he doesn’t care she’s famous.”
“I know. And that’s like flipping the finger to what’s his face?”
“I know. He was such an asshole to her, like cheating on her with one of the dancers.”
“Oh and did you see when she was talking about high school?”
“Yes. Totally loved that bit. I mean it totally has changed my way of seeing a lot of things in life. Like I mean why would you need to work so hard to make a buck? Like, college is useless. Look at her; she didn’t even graduate high school and she’s awesome. I’m following in her footsteps.”
“That’s what I told my parents this morning. They’re so outdated they didn’t even know what I was talking about.”
“I know right. They don’t understand anything. I mean… anyway.”
“Did you see they finally published the audition for The Next Superstar? We should do that. I mean I can’t sing but who cares? They’ll see me right.”
“I know. How about we go together? Like you can fake sing and I can carry us both.”
“You’d do that for me?”
“Of course. Wouldn’t want to be famous without my BFF. Like imagine Paris without Nicole. At least in the beginning right?”
“Totally. So cool. Reality TV is so real.”
“I know right! So much more interesting that the life we have now. Anyway. I gotta go. A stupid paper to give to Robichon.”
“Man, that guy’s a perv’. Did you see how he was looking at Ms. Watkins?”
“I know right. I hope she slaps him in the face like SSS did to her ex-boyfriend last week.”
“That’d be cool. See ya later.”

*Singing SuperStar



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