Trick Questions ~ The More Important…

In answer to the daily prompt Trick Questions:

You know it’s quite interesting; I have been thinking long and hard about how to address this one. I could have gone into a story and written it from a completely not self-centered point of view. However it would be foolish to deny that I pour something of me into it when I write in answer to the daily prompts. Whether it was in When Will I Be Loved? ~ Pour vivre heureux visions cachés or even my latest Mutants and Hybrids ~ A Spiritual Calling the bottom line is more often than not mine (maybe a couple of exceptions but even then some part of the storyline comes from my experience).

So in this particular instance even typing the questions that I wouldn’t want to be asked – and really there are only two – would actually be acknowledging some things that I don’t want known at all. Not so much that I haven’t made my peace with it; I have and for some things I have forgiven. However there is always the possibility of someone else being hurt by the answers and that I cannot bring myself to do.

Still I thought it was an interesting thought process because it made me realize that one of the things I learned through Careless Whispers still stays with me. It’s sometimes better to stay silent than to risk hurting innocent people. And God knows I think silence is a disease that can hurt more than what pain one experienced in the first place; but I have come to a place where I have addressed the pain or the hurt and talking about it once more would only hurt others.
So in this case I will stick to it and only address the prompt by saying thank you for another reminder of what is more important to me ;-).


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