Unsafe Containers ~ Never Contain Love

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In answer to the daily prompt Unsafe Containers : http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/unsafe-containers/

This one will end up part of a bigger story – the same as my Lessons of the Heart but in essence: love can’t and shouldn’t be contained

My father offered me his arm. My mother stood beside me and she also kissed me on the cheek. She bid me to turn and she attached the sisterhood pendant around my neck placing it under the silk. The silver chain was such that it fell just between my breasts. When I took away the silk overlay, it would be revealed but not until then. I was glad my dad was holding me down the stairs for my legs were still weak. However, as he had said we did not go too far. He led me through the dining room and outside where the small gardens had been turned into an open-air temple. I gasped as I realized the royal children were here. The Princess was seated next to Damien holding his hand. The Prince was standing at the altar surrounded by Etienne and Thierry. Jocelin was here too and Berenice. I felt tears in my eyes; they had come in spite of Berenice’s pregnancy. Nina sat by Lord and Lady d’Avalon. Edmund was standing by his brother both dressed in the green and gold of their house. When I looked at Endymion though the rest disappeared. There was my world, the eyes in which I would find myself ever. He would be my sunrise and sunset, my laughter and my tears. He was my mind, my soul and my heart. When Endymion took my hand from my father, I felt my heart lift, leap in a dance. The autumn sun seemed to shine brighter and warmer, the garden around us seemed to be taking on a new life, the leaves looked greener and the sleeping roses appeared to open releasing their beautiful fragrance. As Endymion pressed a soft kiss on my fingers, love bloomed anew and the world seemed to be singing. He smiled at me and a small gasp resounded behind us. But I did not care; I could not take my eyes away from his and it was where I looked as Etienne spoke.

The ceremony was simple and I was glad of it. It had been such turbulent few days I was happy for it to be a small affair. In truth, I was still shaken and tired but I was delighted. The people I loved were here surrounding me in this moment when I became one with the other half of my heart. When the final blessing was given and I kissed my now husband, I felt whole: it was overwhelming. I had the sensation that my heart was so full it overflowed. Endymion was inside of me in a way I could not explain. He removed the white silk that had covered my arms and throat and wrapped a small shawl in the colours of Avalon in its place. I was part of a new family. But my family was here and that was the most important thing.

Berenice came first to hug me and as she did another wave of love washed over me. The little girl inside her twirled as if to signify she could not wait to come. Be patient I whispered before offering my sister congratulations. She nodded with a smile while Jocelin came to embrace her lovingly. My brother looked so happy as he kissed my cheek gently.
“Thank you for coming.” I whispered to them both.
“We were here already dear,” Berenice said. “We came to welcome you back. But it seems Avalon has claimed you.” She added with a smile to Endymion. His fingers pressed mine.
“I have no claim over Brianna. Except that I love her.” Again my heart felt as if it was too full. Who was I to deserve this? Jocelin smiled at me as if he knew something I did not.
“A heart too full to understand?” he asked softly. I nodded. My brother smiled brightly; what did this mean? “That will explain the flowers.”
“What are you talking about?” Endymion asked the question I was too afraid to voice.
“Look around you my Lord Duke.”
We did and I realized the plants in the garden had bloomed as if it were spring or summer.
“What does it mean?” I whispered. Was it my fault? Had I done something unnatural again? I guess they all heard the concern in my voice because Endymion held me closer, his lips comforting resting on my brow and Jocelin smiled as he laid a hand on my arm.
“It seems you have been called even though there was no ceremony sweet sister. Brianna, you obviously are a child of heart. The place you’ll call home will reflect the feelings you have. But since you are a child of the road, it seems everywhere is home.”
I felt Endymion’s fingers tremble; we talked about this once. All was so confused in the happiness. Still I knew that not everywhere would be home… Le Puy definitely would not. But home was with the ones I loved… and the one I loved the most was here whispering in my ear.
“Do you love me this much?”
“Do you really have to ask?”
He laughed softly as he kissed my head tenderly.
“No… but it seems that even nature won’t let you lie to me ever.”
I smiled at that… I did not intend to ever lie to him so it was well. How could I know? In his arms now nothing could go wrong.
“You knew…” I whispered. I was not sure why but I felt he knew; from the day I mentioned what happened at Jocelin and Berenice’s wedding.
“It’s a secret of love Brianna,” Jocelin volunteered with a soft smile. “And it must remain so.”



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