Gone With the Windfall ~ Family and Hope


In answer to the daily prompt Gone With the Windfall: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/gone-with-the-windfall/

“Hello? The Collins.”
“Good morning, I’m quite embarrassed to call at this hour but may I speak with Mrs. Helen Collins?”
“This is she.” She replied wondering at why a man with a British accent would call this early in the morning.
“Good morning Mrs. Collins. My name is David Harvey, I’m a partner at Harvey and Associates. I am the executor of Ms. Winnie O’Connell’s estates.”
“Ms. Winnie O’Connell?”
“Yes your aunt.”
“Excuse me?” She didn’t know of any aunt named Winnie. No. She didn’t know of any family member period. It was a taboo at home; her mother never allowed the subject of family to be raised. The only time she said anything was when Helen got married and she revealed that she had been pregnant but not married. Her grandparents disowned their only daughter and forbade her to ever come home. Seems she hadn’t been an only daughter.
“You are Marcy O’Connell’s daughter, are you not?”
“Yes, I am.”
“Well so Ms. Winnie O’Connell was your mother’s twin and she has left you some money. I understand you live in Toronto.”
“As the area code you dialled would tell you yes.”
“Ah, I am calling from London, which is why I’m afraid I’m calling this early. So as I mentioned your aunt left you some money; it comes to just about $1 million. We need to arrange for a meeting to allow you to claim the money and I fear a face-to-face is complicated.”
“Can we communicate via email?”
“Well what would be best is a videoconference. How about tomorrow morning 9am your time?”
The man was definitely one used to getting his way.
“How about 8am rather? I have some commitments of my own as you can imagine. That will be 3pm your time.”
“Wonderful. I’ll send you the information. What is your email Mrs. Collins?” She gave him the address. “Marvellous. So we’ll speak tomorrow. Have a good day.”
“And you.”She replied before hanging up the phone slightly dazed.
“What was this about hon’?”
She turned to face her husband who had just fed the children breakfast while she took the phone.
“I’m not sure Daniel. Well… no. It’s my mother’s sister.”
“Your mother has a sister? I thought she was an only child.”
“I know… me too. I guess she lied about that.”
“Well maybe her sister was just as opened to the idea of your birth as your grandparents.”
“I don’t know. I haven’t gone through mum’s stuff yet. I suspect she kept some things but… anyway. It seems she passed away too.”
“Oh wow. I’m sorry.”
“And she left me $1 million.”
“What? Why?”
“I don’t know.”
“You didn’t ask.”
“I was a little surprised love. I mean; my mother had a twin whom she never spoke of and we’re about to inherit a million dollars. What would you do if you were me Daniel?”
“I would panic I guess.” She laughed.
“I heard you give your email. Are they sending you something?”
“They are setting up a conference for tomorrow morning so that we can decide what to do with the money.”
“And what do you want to do with it?”
“I don’t know. What should we do?”
“Love it’s your money; I’m not touching it unless you want me to.”
“We’re married Daniel; what’s mine is yours.”
“I know. But I think it still should be your decision.”
“I have to think about this. I never expected to ever have a million dollars.”
He embraced her and she realized the panic was indeed there even though she hadn’t expressed much of it. She sunk into her husband’s chest and breathed deeply in.
She thought of what she would do; as she drove to the office and while she worked on a proposal for project. She pondered while returning home and as she cooked dinner, even when she read storied to her little monsters that they would fall asleep.

They would be in her plans of course; studying was expensive here and if she could allow her children to start their lives without debt she definitely would make plans. Maybe with a little more that they could save to purchase their first apartment; flats were a good investment. So yes, paying the mortgage, maybe buy a place they could rent… place some. The rest… she would think of for the night.

The next day when she spoke with them she had a plan. They would keep half a million to be placed in different types of savings accounts; the transfer of the money to Canada would take a fee so for now it remained in London under their name. Another quarter of million she wished to see distributed to the cancer societies in Canada and London that a cure be found for the sickness that – it so happened – took both her mother and her sister. The final $250,000 she wanted to see distributed between different charities for access to education and if none fit the mission she wanted she would think on it; education was the key to help children and everyone should have the opportunity. The firm would look for appropriate charities and communicate with her. So it was done…


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