Terminal Time ~ A Book and a Notepad


In answer to the daily prompt Terminal Time: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/terminal-time/

That one is fairly easy… I could write a story I guess but really that’s a little mundane.

I rarely use any type of electronics when waiting at the airport, which I do at least twice a year the next time being very soon – I can’t wait. In fact I got stuck at the airport for 3 hours when I last travelled in March. So been there, done that.
I would probably be a little upset not to have the possibility to listen to music as it helps soothe me, pass the time and it’s also a powerful influencer of my writing. But that being said, I always carry a book with me and a notepad or notebook. I can thus spend 6 hours doing exactly what I like: reading a good story and writing a story, which probably won’t be as good as the one I am reading.
Even though I say that telling the story of being stuck at the airport is mundane I guess that being stuck at the airport is actually extremely interesting because if you take the time to observe the people around you there are amazing characters that reveal themselves and that can find their ways into the narrative I’m working on at the time.

So yes apart from feeling a little forlorn because of lack of music and somewhat upset at wasting time in a place that is neither particularly cosy or friendly, I wouldn’t find it hard to occupy the time.


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