Writing 101 Serially Lost ~ Work and Loss #1

In answer to the Writing 101 Serially Lost in by the Daily Post: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_assignment/writing-101-series-one/

Today, write about a loss. The twist: make this the first post in a three-post series.

She looks out of the window: she doesn’t really like the view. But it’s appropriate. She reached the summit. She’s on top of the world. Or so they say. Irony! Who could have known that air would be so thin up there? But then who wouldn’t know? After all every time someone reaches the summit of Mount Everest and the media cover it, the alpinists talk of that difficulty to breathe. They make it where one could die after achieving something extraordinary. The sense of excitement should be there: an achievement of measurable proportion. She knows it and she knows it’s there but she can’t grasp it for long enough to feel satisfaction or exhilaration.

Behind her people are busying themselves, like ants in a farm, working as if it were their only purpose in life. And maybe it is; in many ways she has been one of this ants for a long time. Well people might say she qualifies as the queen and it’s for her they’re crawling about the place like some bugs ready to serve. She’s lost something today even though no one else knows it yet. That changes perspectives: she didn’t use to think of people as insects. Or rather she didn’t use to consider this place an ant farm. But there’s loss; and with that she’s learned that working isn’t or at least shouldn’t be one’s life only purpose.

She’s worked really hard to be where she is right now; no late night parties in university, no drinks with colleagues after office hours. How many family weekends cancelled because work required her presence? Too many to count. Or maybe worth counting because there have been too many.



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