Ready, Set, Done ~ Love and Loss

In answer to the daily prompt Ready, Set, Done:

The result of 10min of writing

They had come to the battlefield after the armies retreated; they had kept her behind that Perses might not know she was there. She had tried a number of times to see what was happening but on every single occasion the guards had surrounded her, shielded her and brought her back to her father’s tent. She’d been frustrated until Sarina had offered she helped with the wounded. But now it seemed the conflict was over; at least for a time.
When she saw the gathering of people near the carts, fear and foreboding overwhelmed her. Marco turned as if he felt her coming… his armour was covered in blood and he looked weary but when he met her eyes, his gaze filled with worry and compassion. Fast, too fast he came to her side and held her trying to prevent her to see what the men’s bulk hid from view. But she knew. Her heart seemed to have been ripped out of her chess.

“Oh no.” She escaped Marco’s hold who thankfully didn’t try to restrain her and reached Damian who was on the ground his brother’s head laying on his lap. Damian’s face held such anguish that she found herself wishing she could comfort him. But Sarina would do that. The man whose life was escaping was the one she wanted to see. As Marco guessed from the first moment he saw the both of them together, he was the one she loved. The one she had always loved even though she had not known it until they almost lost each other. And now again. She knelt beside him taking his hand in her own. Her fingers traced the line of his jaw. He was struggling to breathe. “Declan, why?”
“It was the only way to protect you love.” She found herself weeping incapable of stopping the tears that ran down her cheeks. His free hand caught hers and he kissed it softly. His lips were so cold. There were so many wounds on his body: he would not recover from them. She knew enough about these to understand that.
“Dying Declan? Now? When…” She couldn’t continue. He smiled.
“So I’m leaving something with you?”
“You’re leaving me alone love.” She bent and kissed his lips, his so very cold mouth.
“Not alone,” he replied in a feeble attempt at a joke before he coughed. She smiled though doing so was so painful she wondered if she ever would again.



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