Pleased to Meet You ~ Speed Dating

In answer to the daily prompt Pleased to Meet You: Write a post in which the protagonists of two different books or movies meet for the first time. How do they react to each other? Do they get along?


She sighed; when was this going to end? She couldn’t wait to be back home. At least nobody judged. So far, three men had looked at her and from the moment they sat, they’d barely made conversation. Maybe she should have… no. She would be good: no magic. But why did she agree to come here already? Oh, yes because she’d been convinced it would help her cause. Right.
How would speed dating help? Plus, nobody in the their right mind would give her number to that man upfront. It was ridiculous. It was the worst idea ever. In fact, she should leave. She turned to grab her cloak; her back had been to the window. It was raining. Well, she wasn’t going anywhere. Great.
“Glinda,” she growled.
“HELLO Ms. Elphaba, right?” She startled at the loud voice. Looking back, she almost screamed. She wasn’t easily frightened but the man who was taking the seat in front of her now was monstrous. Well man really was a generous word. It looked more like a distorted creature, whose creator hadn’t overly planned or completely finished. “You leaving?”
He asked casting a quick glance at the cloak. His eyes looked as if he were about to weep, but that probably had to do with the fact they were swollen and must hurt him. Or maybe he feared that she’d seen him and decided to leave. Considering how ugly he was, it must have happened to him before. Yet, she was no beauty queen either. That was Glinda’s thing.
“No. Not while it rains.”
“WHAT?” He asked. “Sorry please speak louder. On my good side. I don’t hear too well. The bells you know.”

What bells? She looked around them. A few “couples” had turned their head their way but only for a moment. She pointed outside as he leaned towards her.
“I WOULD MELT.” She wanted to throw her glass of milk at him, but he was already so deformed that it would be mean. And it didn’t appear to frazzle him more than that. He seemed to think about it before asking the next stupidest question ever.
“That’s annoying?”
If he were going to speak this loud for the 5 minutes they had, she would have a headache by the end of the meeting. Animals were easier to understand. She nodded instead.
“I understand. I can’t get out lots. Master doesn’t let me.” He shrugged. “I scare people.”

What a surprise! He was so absurdly deformed that she couldn’t even see the tag bearing his name. Even his hands… they were strong though. That much she could tell. But everybody must run away from him the moment he approached them: women and men alike. She felt more than sorry for him… Suddenly being green and melting in the rain seemed easier.
“So do I,” she answered articulating as much as she could.
“I don’t speak to many people.”
“Neither do I. I speak to flying monkeys.”
He laughed – a horrible sound. But it was genuine. Real joy. That was scary.
“You monkeys, me gargoyles. What a pair!”
Gargoyles… that rang a bell. Of course. That poor creature… man. He was like her: born different… but he’d been abandoned at birth on the steps of a church whereas she’d had her parents. As imperfect as her life had been, it was better than his.
“What a pair indeed.” She repeated.
“I show you the cathedral if you want. No one there now.”
“It’s raining remember?”
“I have an umbrella.”
“Beside the point; there’s water in the streets.”
“Tomorrow then?”

“Why not?”



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  1. Martha Kennedy says:

    Thanks! That was fun!


    1. MyLovingWife says:

      I’m thrilled you enjoyed. 🙂 Thank you for reading.


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