Easy Fix ~ End of the World?

In answer to the daily prompt Easy Fix: Write a post about any topic you wish, but make sure it ends with “And all was right in the world.”

When the phone rang that morning Elizabeth knew her day would be bad. She just had no idea how bad. She hated bring woken up by the ringtone. It wasn’t a good way to start the day. She enjoyed being ‘invited’, ‘serenaded’ to the day by her CD player. But no! it was the phone company trying to sell her extra services: at 8 o’clock in the morning during her week-end. WTF!!
She managed to gently – well as gently as she could. How would you react at this ungodly hour? – tell the agent to never call again. Once she hung up she pulled the blanket back over her head, decided to sleep in. But it wasn’t meant to be. Less than a minute later the phone rang again.
“Hello,” she grumbled.
“Elizabeth,” She sat up straight. Her boss never called on her cell phone unless the end of the world was near. But it was her first two-day weekend in 3 months. Still.
“What time do you need me in Marc?”
“One hour. Let’s say an hour and a half. Seems like you just woke up.”
She didn’t get the chance to answer. He’d hung up. What the hell was going on? Oh well. In the end, Elizabeth didn’t have the crepes she’d planned to eat that morning. Instead she gobbled down a toast and some instantaneous coffee – disgusting! – and after a quick shower she was dressed and ready. She started her car less than twenty minutes later; she would make it within the hour to the office. Or not…
The commute that usually was so easy proved a nightmare. What the hell? Trying to stay calm, Elizabeth turned on the radio… and knew right away why she was being called in. And why the traffic was so bad.
“… people are trying to leave the city. Traffic’s terrible.” She changed station.
“… an Act of God of such proportion we’re nowhere safe. People are trying to leave the city.”
Plugging the phone on the freehand Bluetooth, Elizabeth dialed the office. Valerie picked up right away.
“Where are you?”
“In traffic. Not sure how long it’ll take.”
“Wait… I’ve got you pinned. I’m sending help. They’ll get you here.”
“What happened?”
“Not on the phone.”
Within moments, she heard the sirens on her right… Interesting that even with the panic that obviously had taken hold of the city, people still let the cop cars through. She inserted her car between the two that would trace a path for her between the people attempting to leave the city. It wasn’t as fast as her morning drive but it was a lot faster than the pace she’d crawled at in the first ten minutes.
The mayhem at the building would have told her something was wrong upon her arrival. Marc was waiting for her at the door. Valerie would have told him she was almost there.
“Thanks for making it this fast Liz.”
“What the hell is going on?”
“What have you heard?”
“Usual misinformation. Acts of God?”
“Yes well; it’s big.” He hesitated. Marc never hesitated. “You know how you’ve negotiated with…”
“You mean to say that somebody blew up the 3 months of work I’ve just done? What the hell Marc?”
“Blew up really is the thing. They blew up the submarine station. Ripple effect… earthquakes and a tsunami.”
“No way. How bad?”
“Like; it’s going to be war, bad.”
Elizabeth screamed and woke up in her bed. The alarm clock was showing 8 o’clock. Her first weekend in 3 months and she was waking up this early. That was bad. She turned on the radio…
“Good morning. If you’re just joining us we want to share breaking news.” Oh shit! “The Prince of Wales and his wife just welcomed a baby girl moments ago; her Royal Highness Alexandra is now third in line to the throne.
Elizabeth sighed leaning against her pillows: it had only been a nightmare… everything was as usual. And she had a weekend. All was well in the world.


Images by Concept-art-House and Andreas von Tetyi


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