Most/Least ~ When Love Is Gone


In answer to Lindaghill’s prompt Streams of Consciousness Most/Least

He had always been the most beloved child in a family of many. He’d been the first, the elder, and in many ways the most cherished. With so much love, he had become the most brilliant, quite literally, of his siblings. They were loved too but his was the example to follow, the bright child, always ahead like a light bearer.

He would be like shining star in the skies, lighting the world. And he believed it could be so; he lived for it to be so that love and light shone upon the world. Some would say that somewhere along the way he became spoiled, or maybe, after so much time being the most treasured child, he hadn’t expected he could be supplanted.

And yet, one day, another son was born and a girl. Born together, same and yet different, they became the most beloved children. He and his siblings were forgotten. Or so he felt. He was no longer first in his father’s thoughts. And as sorrow and sadness took over his heart, so did darkness.
He tried to love them these two newcomers, but couldn’t. They seemed to him the least talented, the least interesting of his siblings. They had no special talent, no particular knowledge that could change the world, nothing that would make them worthy of such love. They couldn’t even sing. Why?

One day, after mulling this over, he tried to prove his point. He attempted to show once and for all that these two didn’t deserve the love they were showered with. He intended to demonstrate he and his other siblings should remain first in their father’s heart and thoughts.
He was a talented and convincing person; he tricked the girl, then the boy to rebel against their father. It didn’t even take this much effort; it was as easy as having a babe drink milk. They were the most corruptible creatures he’d ever encountered. How easy would it be to show his father that he had been wrong to put such hope into them.

Naturally, their father found out about the treachery and rebellion. He punished the boy and girl in the most severe way. He banished them from his house into the world that held nowhere near as much love as the home they had known until then. He might have rejoiced then, except that he too was punished. And in a way he hadn’t foreseen. The child, the son who was once the most beloved of all, was banished and fell to the pit of darkness.

He didn’t understand: had he not done all that out of love for his father? He hadn’t understood that somewhere along the way his motives had lost their purity. He wouldn’t accept it. Banished, he nursed his resentment. Love turned to hatred and light turned to night. He who had been the brightest became the blackest. He grew brilliant, bathing in his father’s love, and fell the deepest into the night when love was denied.

He became the most reviled of all his children. And his youngest siblings wouldn’t likely forget that he was the cause for their banishment of Eden. So Lucifer, who once was the light bearer of Heaven, is now the most feared of Hades…



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