Once Upon a Time ~ Finding Serenity


In answer to the daily prompt Once Upon a Time: Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale.

In a well-known city, not so long ago, there lived a young woman named MLW. If you’d asked her, she’d have told you she was nothing special, and in fairness she wasn’t.
She was like many women her age, trying to find a job in a challenging market, with diplomas that don’t necessarily lead to a position. That was one of the major issues in this world’s societies.

Like many female of her generation, she believed that she could have both a career and a family. And why not? After all, she had friends who had succeeded gracefully in both. So every day, she looked for options and wrote resumes and application forms. It would happen sometime soon; she believed that.
Like most people in this world, she had dreams and things that made her happy. She loved singing and, in fact, that very week she had resumed taking lessons, which brought her an overwhelming joy. It also got her out of the house, because really who wouldn’t go crazy staying inside all day long?

She enjoyed writing and decided some weeks before she would do so every day. If she wanted to become a published author someday, she had to work at it. Except that, this day, inspiration was hard to come by. She didn’t truly believe that inspiration was the only way to write: writing required work. But that day, her head wasn’t in the right place. She’d barely managed to write 50 words out of the thousand she planned to write. And the more she tried, the less she succeeded.
She became so frustrated that she found herself pacing the apartment. She must break the pattern. Eventually she left the house, to walk along the avenues and small streets of the city. She headed towards the centre where she knew she could buy particularly good ice-cream and sorbets that would make her feel better, even if it didn’t help with her writing.
The cool breeze was welcome and the sunlight refreshing after half a day in a room. The streets were filled with people despite the freezing temperature; but the sun really lightened the city. She found she enjoyed the walk to the heart of the city, where a wonderful view welcomed her.


She’d always loved the cathedral and its white columns. She considered getting up the towers but the windy day might make the experience not all that enjoyable. Maybe she should visit. After all she hadn’t been in a long time though; it might be a good day for it. Was it reasonable? She had left a room and she was now thinking of entering an even darker place?
And yet, the light of the sun promised wonderful colours inside the church with its many glass windows, particularly the rose windows. The sun was actually falling right against one of them. Thus, her decision was made. And the line-up wasn’t even that bad. Within ten minutes she was inside and it was just as she’d thought. The sunlight bathed the entire church; and the rose windows were absolutely stunning. She took photos of it, decided to remind herself why she needed to come more often.

She also found peace and serenity despite the crowd of tourists. She sat in one of the alcoves that housed a little chapel and lit a candle for people she loved. Places of worship had this effect upon her. Somehow, it helped her gather her thoughts and feelings. Somehow, she could lay whatever burden or sadness or fear she felt at the feet of God, or however you name him/her.

Eventually, she returned home and cooked diner, all the while grabbing pen and paper. She wrote until she could no longer keep her eyes open, thus proving that sometimes getting out and not thinking of what you need to do, helps you find your way to it anyway.



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Erica says:

    My writing thoughts exactly. I find that the best scenes come to mind while outside or anywhere out of the house. As far as finding serenity and our place in society- for writers, we are an odd, royal bunch.

    Great post!


    1. MyLovingWife says:

      Thank you…
      I haven’t gone out much in the past couple of days but I definitely will tomorrow. Got cabin fever LOL .


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