JusJoJan Day 27 ~ Shopping List


In answer to Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January Sex: 

When she prepared her bag that afternoon, Penelope looked at the checklist, the shopping list really, she’d been given. She didn’t want to miss anything. It wouldn’t look serious if she showed up without the proper equipment. It was the first time she was going to do this and it was oh so exciting. She’d watched before, admired the technique of men and women who mastered the art long before she even considered it. And this evening she would actually do it.

  • leash
  • riding crop
  • boots
  • corset

She smiled; if they ever found this list, her roommates would think she was going to a sidesaddle riding lesson. And why not? After all, they knew Penelope to be a cosplay girl, enjoying all sorts of role-play. Last week for Halloween, she’d actually dressed as a lady of the 19th century who would take part in a hunt. Of course the girls couldn’t guess that she had other plans when she took that outfit. She had added the vampire aspect to it – kinda like The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. In fact it wouldn’t even be too surprising. Her bookshelves were filled with Middle-Ages, fantasy, sci-fi and manga comic books, which inspired her costumes. She hadn’t missed one Comic Con or Trekkie event in the past two years. They just had no idea. And it was better that way.

The other list was already in the bag, the one Penelope would rather her roommates didn’t find. She had to do some shopping there too and it hadn’t been easy.

  • fishnets
  • manacles
  • collar

And the last item on the list, one that didn’t require any purchase, but that would be the most important item of them all: safe word. Another type of riding lesson with strangers. She was looking forward to it.


Image by Vendi


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