Six (or Sixty) Minute Challenge ~ Encounter at a Gala (extremely explicit)

In answer to Kristi Simpson’s Six (or Sixty) Minute Challenge:
Saturday Six Minute Challenge #8

If you don’t like free-writing, my suggestion is pick an attainable goal and do that. For example: a short scene involving a character in a WIP. Write some flash fiction if you’re fast. If you want to use a prompt:

  • Use the picture. I know it’s gigantic but I wanted everyone to see the detail of this rusty metal heart.
  • Write a scene where one of your characters is sick, at the most inconvenient possible time of course.
  • Write a poem about the candy you miss most from your childhood (assuming you no longer eat it) My favorites are Pixy Stix and Zotz.
  • Write a short scene using a genre you would normally never consider writing. So if you never write romance, write a mushy love scene. If you don’t like horror, use that. Hate fantasy? Write it just to see if you can.

So I wrote a flash fiction using a genre I would normally never consider writing. It is extremely explicit though so if you aren’t into erotica just don’t further. I am still not sure where this comes from… oh well, feedback would be nice because I’ve never really written anything like that.


Tamina sat down, legs crossed in the middle of the room. She observed the crowd around her: cocktail dresses and tux for an afternoon fundraiser. Not a place where one would expect what she came for. Still she’d spent some money on this: $500 for the seat, an extra $1000 for the cause that she did want to support. And then there were the dress, shoes and stockings procured for the occasion.

Her gaze moved to the entrance and she saw him; handsome – truth be told men are sexy in tuxedos – with a carriage that transpires sexiness yet class. He smiled to the waitress who gave him a glass of champagne. The woman blushed and walked away, almost skipping. All women’s eyes seemed to converge to him. But he seemed to not see it. One of these guys. He mingled with crowd speaking with the organizers of the event, some of the patrons. He seemed perfectly at ease. She envied that. But she knew who he was, like every person in this room.

When he came to stand in front of her, she almost stopped breathing.
“Good afternoon, Ms. Everett I believe.”
“That’s right.”
“Mr. Snow. Ethan.”
She answered with a smile of her own.
“As I am. It’s your first time at our fundraiser isn’t it?”
“It is. I’m rather distressed by crowds.”
“This is a great way to tackle your fears. You look absolutely dazzling in this dress.”
He leaned in and whispered for her ears only. “Anything underneath it Ms. Everett?”
She breathed in deeply, in order to avoid blushing. But then, she was speaking to Ethan Snow. Few would wonder.
“As instructed.”
His smile was wicked and his green gaze darkened with expectation.
He walked away leaving her breathless and expectant. Terrified too. Her gaze followed him for a while and noticed that, as taken by discussions as he seemed to be, his eyes found her from time to time promising her action in ways she’d never known before. She could almost see in these gorgeous eyes and in his swollen lips what he would do and despite the crowd it turned her on.

She downed her champagne a little too fast and had to grab some canapés and water to settle down her stomach. But the hot flushes had nothing to do with alcohol. She wondered what Ethan Snow’s hands – expert at manipulating cameras – would do to her. Images flashed in her mind and soon, she found she had to get to the powder room. Leaning in the counter she looked at her reflection: her cheeks were a soft pink that was agreeable.
“Anyone in here?”
She turned; he had come in. Breathless, she waited for someone to answer. But silence only echoed. He smiled and turned locking the room behind him. When he faced her again, there was an almost carnal smile on his face and desire darkened his eyes.
“Do you have any idea what I want to do to you Ms. Everett?”
She bit her lips.
“Not really,” she breathed.
He removed his jacket leaving it on the coat hanger, then his tie, which he rolled around his wrist.
“You mustn’t make a noise Ms. Everett.”
“Yes, sir.”
Somehow his use of her last name demanded she use the title.

When he stood in front of her, she bit her lips in anticipation. He kissed her mouth softly parting her lips with his tongue and inviting hers in a slow dance. Sometimes tender and almost shy like a waltz, sometimes demanding like a tango or a paso doble. She was so entranced by that dance she didn’t feel his hand move down her dress until he gripped her ass and lifted her up, settling her on the vanity, her back against the wall sized mirror. The coolness made her gasp in surprise, giving him an excuse to step back.
“So let see.”
He knelt in front of her and started parting her legs, lifting the skirt of her dress, as one would open a present. Squeezing her eyes shut, Tamina tried to ignore the fact that there were a thousand VIP guests on the other side of that door. Sure he had closed it but would it be enough?
“Ms. Everett,” his voice cut in almost severe. “Open your eyes. I want you to watch this.”
She obeyed and opened her eyes to meet his, filled with lust and want.
“I like what I see very much,” he added peering underneath the dress. “You have a lovely pussy. No hair, just like I love it.”
He reached in with a finger tracing the inside of her thighs causing her entire body to respond to his touch. So when he eventually reached her waxed sex, she was already swollen and wet. He traced the opening barely entering. She had done as instructed; she wore only stockings underneath the dress. When he removed his finger, he looked up to her and licked it swallowing her wetness with such obvious pleasure she trembled with her own desire.

She nodded and approached her butt to the edge of the vanity that he may reach her more easily. He smiled approvingly before pushing the dress farther up her thighs and this time reached for her with his mouth. When his tongue caressed her cleft, she shivered against him. He licked at her sex and entered her sucking and kissing her G-spot until she had to bite her lips so that she didn’t moan. He had instructed to be silent. His tongue teasing the walls of her sex, and the pressure he applied on her hips to ensure she didn’t move, brought more wetness out of her and she felt him swallow it eagerly. Possessively he sucked at her. Tenderly he licked her lips. These were so swollen she wondered if she’d be able to close her legs later. It was all so wonderful and intense that when he said “Come for me, Ms. Everett,” she did. Hard. Again she bit her lips to stifle the moan that wanted out. He swallowed and sucked as if decided to not let anything go to waste.
He pushed her legs opened wider and continued to reach and she came some more in his mouth. Then he let go of her as the waves of pleasure receded; he pushed the dress up revealing that she was naked underneath. Her ass on the cool marble of the vanity she wondered what his next move would be.
“Your wrists Ms. Everett.”
She held out her hands, observing him as he bound her hands with his tie. He turned her around so that she faced the mirror and pushed her down. Not quite comfortable against the vanity, her face so close to the mirror that she could see the white of her eye, she waited. He was standing behind her, his hand caressing her inner thigh with one hand, whereas his other was unhooking the belt holding his trousers. His fingers found her clit against and rubbed it until she became wet again. When she did, he sunk into her leaning against her back and telling her.

“Watch Ms. Everett. I want you to watch what you do to me, while I’m fucking you.”
So she did, craning her neck slightly to look in the mirror even as Ethan Snow started thrusting in and out. He let himself out and back in, every time touching her G spot, every time giving her an instant to let her see his erection. The look on his face was one of pure bliss and desire, the tenderness in his eyes belying the pounding rhythm he imposed upon her. She came at the sight of the pleasure he took and she followed his rhythm, until he accelerated and she kept up with him. She couldn’t prevent a soft moan from escaping her lips.
“Silence, Ms. Everett.”
“Yes, sir,” she answered coming for him again.
Suddenly she felt his reaching deeper and suddenly his cum filled her. He collapsed on her back, kissing her ear. They took a moment to regain their breath. Finally, he reached for the small napkins that were on the vanity, and removing himself, cleaned up his cum from his sex.
“That was amazing love,” he whispered to her. “Did you enjoy it?”
Reaching for one of the napkins as well, Tamina cleaned herself before she turned to her companion.
“I did, love.”
“Shall we return?”
“Did you bring me underwear?” His smile told her everything she needed to know. He would enjoy the rest of the evening just knowing that she was naked under her dress. And she would spend the rest of the evening… what? Mortified? No actually, this was very empowering. “Let’s go, then.”
She took his hand and they unlocked the powder room returning to the gala, both of them happy.



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  1. Did you hesitate because of the subject matter or were you worried about the writing? If the second is why, then don’t be concerned. No matter what genre you choose, it’s still You writing, so it’s good. You said this was flash fiction, but I wonder if you’ve considered turning it into a longer story. As a reader I would love to know why she was willing to spend that much money to have this encounter with him. Part of me wonders if she already knows him and this is a game they play. Also, what happens next?!? So many possibilities. It’s complete like it is but you could expand this a lot, if you wanted to. I know it’s not your normal thing but why couldn’t you write more like this? I’ve never used this genre but I’ve written in many others. If you write more and find you like it, you could always use a pen name, since you don’t want your family to see it. Good job!


    1. MyLovingWife says:

      To be perfectly honest I was worried a little bit about both. Because it’s so far out of my comfort zone, I wasn’t sure it was my own voice. And because I have no idea where this came from and I didn’t realise I had this kind of story in my head. That’s weird. So ultimately, the hesitation was mainly because of the genre…
      Does it go on the blog I want to have? Is it something I want people to associate with me?
      I guess the answer to the first was yes because it’s still writing even if it’s totally not my usual genre. Although, to be honest, I was looking at a blog today and was reading a list of genre and subgenres and I have no idea what they mean.

      Why couldn’t I write more like this? I don’t know… A few things I guess
      1) I tend to associate this kind of writing to not particularly interesting plots or character building. Maybe a prejudice on my part mind you.
      2) It’s out of my comfort zone. I know I said it before but beyond writing it’s out of my comfort zone as a person. I’m a little ashamed of having written this. Not sure it makes sense. 😛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I get it. The main thing is you Did step out of your comfort zone (I mean for the writing). Now, if you don’t want to, you never have to write in this genre again. Even if it’s something crossed off your list, it’s helpful. Now you know how you feel when you write it. Also, you could take the basics of this piece and turn it into something new. It could become a spy thing with these characters. Or a married couple trying to spice things up, but everything goes horribly wrong. Maybe the girl was sent to distract the man while her partner breaks into his safe. No matter what you learned something and it could still be useful to you.


        1. MyLovingWife says:

          I originally wrote “husband” instead of “companion” at the end of the piece… and then changed it. Not quite sure why yet. The funny part is that – to a point – it came fairly easily. I don’t know how I feel about it entirely. I don’t know if I want to cross it off entirely yet. But not as a genre in itself; maybe include some scenes like that in a larger story why not?
          To think about… or let the characters lead me in case that’s what they want 😛 . Who knows? Thanks for the advice, much appreciated 😀

          Liked by 1 person

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