Breaking the Law ~ Out of Control

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Breaking the Law.”: Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows).

Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?

Mya was nervous. She was trembling. Her eyes darted here and there. It wasn’t good. She walked in the aisles. She pretended to look at products that she might buy. She was hungry. But tonight wasn’t about that. She didn’t want to be here. There was only one person here plus the cashier. She had to wait for the customer to leave.
“Can I help you miss?” The man said from behind his counter.
“Yes.” She said, almost yelped really. “Ladies’ stuff?”
“First aisle. Ask me if you need what’s on the upper shelf.”

She felt bad about this already. And his being so friendly didn’t help. He looked too much like her brother; the same kind smile and green eyes. She sniffed. Her nose was burning. She was cold. She went to the section dedicated to pads and tampons. Finally, the man left; she heard the bell ring as he went out. So Xavier would come in. She grabbed a pack of pads. She went to the fridge; she grabbed a pack of beers. She didn’t even drink beer. Didn’t like it. But how else could she explain staying this long. She went to the cashier.
“I need your ID, miss.” He said peering at the beers.
“You seem awfully young to be buying these.”

She had just handed him the ID when Xavier came in. The cashier cast a glance at her companion and said hi politely. He gave her the ID back with a smile.
“There you are Mya. It’s $15.”
She reached into her bag. She didn’t want to do it. She looked behind her. Maybe, just maybe Xavier would take charge. But no, it was her test. She pulled the gun. It wasn’t charged. He seemed disappointed but not surprised.
“I’m sorry. I need the cash in your till.”
“For what Mya? Drugs? You look high.”
She hesitated. But Mya knew she couldn’t fail. If she did, she would die.

He opened the till and emptied it into the bag she had left on his counter. He had to know Xavier was with her. He leaned in… and probably pushed the alarm button because Xavier yelled behind her.
“Asshole!” A gun fired. There was no bullet; they said there was no bullet. It was just a test.
But the man fell down, hit in the chest bringing with him. No! She ran behind the counter. She knelt beside the man. He opened his eyes and looked deep into hers. She couldn’t let him die. Xavier was by her side in a second. He grabbed the bag. He pulled her hand.
“Mya, come!”
She couldn’t move. She couldn’t leave.
“Bitch!” Xavier said before leaving.
“I’m sorry.” She kept repeating.
When he whispered help, she snapped. She had to call the cops. An ambulance.
“The phone?”

He didn’t move, only looked up. He hadn’t turned the alarm on. Xavier had overreacted. Or it had been their plan all along. Who knew? She dialed 9-1-1. Explained to dispatch a man had a bullet in the chest. They said police and medics would be there soon.
But what does soon mean? It felt like forever. She tried to keep him awake. Tried to make him talk. She pushed her hands against the wound. Tried to prevent him from bleeding to death. She’d never wanted to kill anyone. She didn’t want this man to die.
When someone pried her fingers away from his chest, she gasped. Cops and medics were taking over. She was handcuffed… As they put her in the car, she asked.
“Is he going to be ok?”
“I don’t know Mya.”
It was the police officer of vice. She’d seen him several times before. She whispered.
“I want out.”
“There’ll be hell to pay Mya. And then jail maybe.”
“That’s fine.”



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