Cupid’s Arrow ~ Haunted Hunter


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt “Cupid’s Arrow”: Write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry!

He had released arrow every day
For many centuries
Not once wondering if ever
One would be meant for him.

He was a god after all
Always above such things
So he thought as he gorged himself
On the desire and love of others.

And yet when he saw her
Fate otherwise decided
And Cupid fell on his own arrow
In love with the beautiful Psyche.

The hunter’s now haunted
With the face of his love
And he who’s never loved
Doesn’t know how to woo.

So he went at night,
Invisible angel visiting her dreams
Never quite there with her
But never too far either.

One night he lingered longer
And she shifted in her sleep
In his hurry to escape unseen
The angel of love forgot something

The next morning she found an arrow
And wondered at what it meant
Inadvertently cut a finger on it
And mesmerized watched the blood flow

That night she pretended to sleep
That she might finally know
Whether it was Morpheus watching her sleep
Or another being from above.

When she saw him her heart filled up
How could she guess that unknowing
She’d pricked her hand on love’s weapon?
Or that it was he haunting her dreams?

So they found each other
Unwilling to ever let go
Yet now he knows what love feels
Cupid mindfully releases his arrows.


Feature image is Eros & Psyche dahlig ©2004 – 2015
Image is Eros & Psyche by Canova, sculpture that can be seen at the Louvre Museum.


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