Welcome to the Neighbourhood

Faded pictures in my scrapbook
Just thought I’d take one more look
And recall when we were all
In the neighborhood

From In the Neighbourhood written by Lieber & Stoller

Part of living anywhere is to get to know your neighbours. Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes not. Living in a condo for 6 years in Toronto I can honestly say I never knew my neighbours, whereas I grew up spending every Wednesday afternoon at one neighbour or another.

When I started this blog I didn’t care much about the neighbourhood: as I mentioned before I’m not a huge fan of social media and I’m an introvert. It takes me time to get comfortable around people and start exchanging with them. I’m more of a lurker – someone who reads but doesn’t comment – until I feel confident enough. So it took me something like 6 months to start commenting on people’s posts.

On the right side of this page, I have a widget that randomly advertise some of the blogs I follow. I should mention a few that I particularly like as well.

  • Chronicles of an Anglo-Swiss: the author has just the perfect dose of sarcasm and sass. She makes me laugh on a daily basis. It’s a refreshing perspective on a lot of topics. Love it.
  • Linda G Hill’s blog: I particularly love Linda’s stream of consciousness prompt and how she invites people to share while giving a lot of herself on the blog too.
  • Harsh Reality by OpinionatedMan or OM: if you have seen that blog yet, you should. It’s sarcastic and caustic. You’ll be offended at least once a week and you’ll find some beautiful writing.

It would be hard to speak of every blog I enjoy but these are among the first blogs I followed and I’ve enjoyed every single post ever since I started reading them.


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