Trust the Voice Within

In answer to Blogging 101’s invitation to Be Inspired by the Neighbours

If you were really engaged in the posts you read yesterday, you probably have more thoughts than what you put in the comments. Choose the one you found most intriguing and expand on the discussion or offer a different perspective than what was shared in the original by publishing your own. Letting yourself be inspired by other bloggers and comments is an ideal way to explore your own thinking, nurture the conversation and community, and draw like-minded readers to your blog.

Not sure where to start? A few ideas:

  • Did you have questions about what you read in the original post? Search for more resources or other blogs and share your findings.
  • Did you mention a personal connection to what was written? Tell that story, using the original discussion as a starting point for yours.
  • Did you disagree with the post? The blogosphere is a place for lively debate: contribute to the discussion with your own points. It bears repeating: disagree respectfully.
  • Did you continue mulling over the post after you’d left your comment, but found your thoughts veering in another direction? Explore where they’ve gone and how they got there.

It’s sometimes really hard to adapt Blogging 101’s assignments to what my blog is. Truly, I never intended to post about my life or about me, but rather about all the wonderful characters that I’ve met on the way and that shared their stories with me. I said it before, it does sound crazy, but I embrace that.
I’m merely the narrator of this blog. At least that’s what I intended it to be.

This post’s been inspired by more than one blogger.
I guess it started with a prompt from Kristi Simpson at Writerish Ramblings but it began taking shape during a conversation with kittykatsbitsandbobs from KITTYKAT-BITSANDBOBS a couple of weeks back.
And then in the past couple of days there was a heated discussion on abortion that got my attention. It started with a post by Opinionated Man from Harsh Reality, then I saw one of Michelle from A Ghost Dancer and finally a guest post from KtKat from The House of Hale on OM’s blog.

My thoughts went far beyond the question of abortion. I posted a message talking about the difficulty for me to share my ideas, to think of them as worth sharing. Blame teenage years for that. Still my conversation a couple of days ago prompted me to reclaim my voice: share my opinion using my own words.
The concept of “reclaiming” has been in my mind since I discussed with KittyKat a couple of weeks ago. So let this post be the first on the theme “Reclaiming”. It’s one of a series that I might or might not share here.


“No”, the word was out of her mouth before she could think of it. If she thought of it, she might not have the strength to actually say it. She placed her fingers on her lips completely baffled that she’d truly refused.
She let her arms fall to the side when he turned, no whipped around, his face flushed with surprise, and maybe anger. Yes, a lot of it. Any other day, she would have stepped back and said ok, but not today. Today she was a new person. Today, she was trusting the voice within. And she was reclaiming that voice.

“What did you say?” He asked, his voice soft and yet laced with what might have been threat.
“I said no.” She said with more confidence than she felt. She was done being the scared push-over.
“Is that so?”
He took a step towards her and she straightened. He was still a good 5 inches taller than her but she was damned if she was going to let him bully her again.

The smug grin on his face frightened her but she wouldn’t back down. She’d let him order her around for too long. Not this time.
“This is mine by rights.” He hissed grabbing her wrist. “I do as I want.”
She shook his hold and stepped towards the door. She shouldn’t have let him close it but she hadn’t known she’d do this.
“No. It’s not. And you don’t.”
“We’ll see.”
“No we won’t. This is my article to write. I’m done letting you take all the good subjects. I have things to say as well.”
His gaze held nothing good as he stepped closer to her: hand on the doorknob she was ready to open that door and scream. Instead he sneered.
“Nothing interesting if I base it on the squeaks that leave your mouth when you’re in a meeting. I wonder if you make the same sounds…”
“Don’t even think of finishing that sentence, because if you do, I’ll go to HR.”
“You’re threatening me?”
“It’s not a threat Robert, it’s a fact.”
She didn’t give him a chance to reply: she opened the door and left his office. As she sat at her desk, she realized she was trembling. She was terrified and yet elated. Robert could make her life hell here. He wasn’t her boss but he’d been here so long, most people believed he might as well be. That’s why he never got in trouble for bullying his colleagues into relinquishing the best stories. But she’d shut him up.
And she was going to write her first article on legal matters and their sociological impact: the upcoming debate on legalizing marijuana was bound to spark some heated conversation. It would be fascinating.



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