Weaving the Threads ~ Row of Pearls


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt “Weaving the Threads”: Draft a post with three parts, each unrelated to the other, but create a common thread between them by including the same item — an object, a symbol, a place — in each part.

Thread #1 ~ Gift to a new mother

Lady Solene de Vierville looked at her husband through a haze of tiredness: the twins had left her exhausted. It was a week ago and thankfully she was past the risk of puerperal fever. But the doctor still was concerned with her health. She bled a lot and two children to give birth to wasn’t common, even less that both survived. But it seemed that both Marjorie and Michel were strong enough.
When her husband sat by her side and took her hand, she smiled. He was fifteen years older than her but he had been kind. Even now, he could have claimed his husband’s rights but he left her to rest.

“I have something for you my dear.”
“You do?” she whispered. “My Lord that wasn’t necessary.”
“You were very brave and we have two beautiful children.”
“Are they with the wet nurse?”
“They are. But soon to be brought to you so you can see them today.”
She wouldn’t have minded nurturing her children but her husband had spoken against it. Two children would be too much; and it wasn’t the way of his house.
“But before they come, I would you open this.”
He gave her a squared box of beautifully carved wood. She opened it: within resting on a beautiful pillow of satin was a row of pearls, so white they seemed to shine in the light of the chandelier.
“Oh, my Lord, they’re beautiful.”
“It’s the least I could do my dear for giving me an heir and a daughter. I hope you shall wear them tomorrow.”
“Thank you. I shall.”

She answered understanding that what rest she’d been granted had now come to an end. She was expected to resume her duties as the lady of the castle. In fact, she knew her luck. She gave him the box that he might place it with her other jewelry. She would honour him by wearing it the following night for their children’s christening.

Thread #2 ~ A Family Heirloom

“MOTHER!” Gwenaelle’s screamed caused her niece to start crying. The two-year old didn’t understand the hustle and bustle that prevented her mother to take care of her. But with her aunt yelling as if she’d been hurt, it was too much. Mailys chided her sister as she took her youngest one in her arms, allowing Gaelle to suck on her pinkie to calm down.
“Honey, I know it’s your wedding but calm down.”
“I can’t find grandma’s necklace.”
Mailys raised an eyebrow: their grandmother’s necklace was at her place. Gwenaelle left it there two weeks before. She’d been under the impression her sister decided against wearing it for her wedding. She explained as much and her sister started sobbing. She could be such a drama queen. But she understood her sister wanted her wedding day to be perfect.
“I don’t have anything old to wear. Mailys, what am I going to do?”

Mailys was spared the need to answer when her mother came in with a wooden box that seemed so old it was a miracle it still held together. She’d seen that box once before.
“I have what you need sweetie. But you cannot: I repeat you cannot lose it.” Gwenaelle breathed. “And for heaven’s sake, stop crying or we’ll have to call back that make-up artist.”
Mailys smiled: their mother was a no-nonsense woman who could handle her younger sister like no one else. Gwen stopped crying in a moment. In excited anticipation, Gwen reached for the box. But their mother didn’t let her touch it.
“I promise mum.”
When their mother opened the box, Gwen gasped.
“Oh my God. It’s perfect. What is it? Mom?”
“It’s a row of pearls that’s been handed down to the eldest daughter in my family ever since the 17th century.”
Gwen’s eyes flicked towards her with what looked like envy. She would inherit this. Mailys didn’t care much for jewelry but even she had to admit the pearls were stunning.

Gwenaelle turned and let their mother tie the row of pearls around her neck. It would enhance the beauty of her dress with its simplicity. And the tear shaped pearl at the centre fell just above her sister’s breast. Oh it would bring everyone’s attention to the beautiful décolletage her dress sported. She kissed her sister’s cheek.
“You’re gorgeous honey.”
The bright smile Gwen offered them was clear: she was perfectly happy to have forgotten their grandmother’s sapphire pendant at her place.

Thread #3 ~ Purchase

Damien looked left and right, up and down before he crossed the way. People drove like crazy these days. Across from the way, Sarah waited for him. She looked excited. She’d found something she wanted to show him for the shop. There were other things he hoped to be doing after they made their purchase. Her eyes were changing colours: she definitely was excited. Damien found himself even more curious than before. There were few items that could put his associate in such a state. He could take advantage of that.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said.
“I’ve been waiting for you for an hour.”
“I’m sorry. Cyber auction went on longer than I thought.”
“Got anything?”
“Nothing worth much I’m afraid.”
“Well that will make your day. Come.”
She took his hand and pulled him towards a part of the city he usually avoided. She didn’t appear concerned at all though; but then again she was a Lurker. She belonged there: or at least, she could mingle with the others without bringing attention to herself. He was a Shower. That was written on his face with its golden tattoos. She led him to a shabby looking pawn shop, that seemed to date from the 21st century. It even had electricity. He didn’t even know it still worked around here. No one used the old technology.

“How may I help you?” A man asked from beyond the counter. “Oh it’s you Sarah.” When he noticed him, the man paled. “Sarah, why did you bring a Shower here?”
“He’s my associate Barnaby. It’s fine. He will want to see that piece.”
The man grumbled but eventually disappeared through the back door coming back with a box. It was big and Damien knew it held something extremely old or precious – or both – because why else would it be enclosed in crypto steel? Barnaby tapped a code and the box opened, revealing another one. Three times did the grumpy old guy pull out a crypto steel protection. Then finally a small square box of wood that appeared so old, it might crumble in his hands.
“My father got this just after the Solar Bomb. I think he got a good price for it. The poor woman who sold this was reluctant to let it go but she was pregnant. I was only a kid but I believe her husband died in the aftermath of the solar eruption. She had nothing but this. She was a Shower though. Expertise showed it’s from the 17th century. Not sure how it survived until now.”
He opened the box delicately and turned it towards them. It took Damien all his years of training not to show any emotion. But Sarah was right: this would make his day. He knew exactly what this row of pearls was. And though the man Barnaby didn’t know, he would gladly part with a million credits for it. Haggling would start now. And if he got it, he would bring Sarah home for the night.



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