Witch Song ~ Amber Argyle


So in early January 2015 I discovered that both Amazon and Kobo allowed you to find some free ebooks. Bad idea. I downloaded more than 30 books. So far I’ve read a little over a dozen, just because the Reading Ap eats my phone battery and it’s annoying. But among the ones I’ve enjoyed is Witch Song by Amber Argyle.

The style is light and breezy, which makes it an agreeable read. Really perfect at night after a long day at work. I could read Victor Hugo or Emile Zola but I don’t think my brain would imprint any information.

Witch Song, I guess, could be summarized as such. Brusenna lives with her mother in the neighbourhood of a city where witches like themselves are not welcome. She’s grown up scared and hiding her powers. One day a woman comes to visit her mother and reveals that one of the dark witches is set out to destroying them all. Her mother leaves her behind to join her coven in a war that Brusenna cannot fight. She’s too young, her song too weak.
But when her mother doesn’t come back and men come to attack her in her home, she walks into her mother’s footsteps and discovers herself to be a stronger witch than anyone could have foreseen. The only other witch with a song strong as hers has become dark and is trying to destroy any witch serving the light. Brusenna must find the way to defeat her.

There are inconsistencies and the timeline is iffy at times. Shortcuts are being taken that could have been avoided. Or the author could have used time in a way that would have allowed us to discover this character and the others she introduces in a deeper way. It’s an easy read. It’s light fantasy.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Donna says:

    It sounds good and I think I will have to download this one thanks for the tip.


    1. MyLovingWife says:

      no problem 😉


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