The Forgotten Ones ~ Laura Howard

This is Book #1 of the Danaan Trilogy. It’s another one of these books I got for free. I’m not entirely sure whether it was part of the package I got from participating in NaNoWriMo but it was a free ebook nonetheless. I know I talk a lot about free but when you’re unemployed and a book junkie it’s not always easy to feed your addiction. And I can’t deal with withdrawal symptoms.

Anyway, Laura Howard writes this story in the first person, which doesn’t always work for me. This is one of these books where I sometimes feel I’m being told what to think, how to feel about this character or that. There are some discrepancies in tenses but I’ve been reading a lot of self published work lately and it seems to be the issue for every single one of them. The problem is that such discrepancies are making it hard for me to get into the story.

In the case of Laura Howard’s story, it was a little frustrating because I’m particularly fond of the Aes Sidhe and some of the legends that come with. I’m a freak for this type of storyline and I felt a little cheated for not being able to plunge into the universe although she’s doing such a good job at tying every loose end nicely.

Allison has grown up with a schizophrenic mother who can’t seem to let her get close. Ever since Allison’s father left her, her violinist mother has been enclosed in her own world. The sense that her mother rejects her is beautifully transcribed and we can sense Allison’s distress although there’s something almost jaded about it. She’s turning 18 and she’s been living this way for a while. She lives at her grandparents; one day destiny calls. Her father, Ethan, shows up, unchanged despite 18 years passing, explaining that he was held up in a Sidhe’s castle and that being with someone like him is a drug. Once separated from the object of their desire, mortals go crazy. So her mother isn’t rejecting her but rather in a prison of her mind.
Allison’s father reveals that something is wrong in the world of the Aes Sidhe and that Aofan, princess of the realm has gone crazy. She wants to destroy Ethan and everyone that is close to him for breaking free of him. She also wants to rule the world.

I’m not convinced, but I’m willing to be. Hopefully Book #2 will have less typos and grammatical errors. I may not be an English native but come on!

It still is an agreeable read though unlike some of the short free stories I read – and almost didn’t finish – yesterday.


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