Awaking, The Naturals Part 1 ~ Madeline Freeman

Another free book; I seem to be going through a lot of these lately.

Morgan is a young woman with a gift. Or at least she pretends she has one. She can read people’s secrets and their future. She’s been selling her psychic abilities for a while but suddenly it appears that it’s not only a way to make money. It might actually be true.
Two friends (or not) who had so far refused to ask her for a reading do and they turn out to be like her Naturals, people with magical powers. At a party she meets two fascinating tweens who happen to also be magical. They’ve come to get her because she’s the one they’ve been expecting for centuries. Oh and the new barista is a magic person too. The catch with that gift? They need to feed off non magical people energy to get their power going turning the people they use into mindless slaves (should they want). Morgan isn’t willing to do that.

So yes, the thing about this book is that I find the author introduced way too many magical characters who weren’t before at once. I get it that Avery is the catalyst but it seems a little too convenient.
That said the style is agreeable and the book lacks the many typos and issues when temporality that a lot of the books I’ve read in the past few weeks do. That was a nice surprise.

I guess it’s a new take on vampires without the dead (or the undead for that matter) without all the I-can’t-walk-in-sunlight issue. I should probably read book #2 to see but book #1 didn’t have me convinced. I imagine we’ve all read too many stories with “the one”. I need something else.

Nothing to take away from the author. As I said, I enjoyed the style and the storyline seems solid so far but it took too long to get to the point where we know what’s actually going on and it was a little bit anti-climatic, something I find more and more frequent in books. Instead of trying to write a 7 book series like JK Rowling, why not one solid book with a beginning and an end.

Poor Madeline Freeman gets my review at a moment where I need a change. It wasn’t bad. In fact it was pretty good since I’m considering buying book #2 but I want something new. 😛 Sue me.


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