Nighmares ~ Till Death Do Us Part

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt Nightmares:
Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

I’m catching up since I was terribly sick and incapable of writing for the past couple of days…


She had the most wonderful day and they spent a delightful evening. Daniel had organized the perfect anniversary day: it started with breakfast in bed, something she rarely indulged. He’d made her morning easy so that she didn’t have to worry before going to work.
When she arrived at the office, two dozen white and pink roses waited for her at the reception. Everyone asked about the occasion and women sighed at how romantic her husband was. He wasn’t always but neither was she; and sometimes they had attention for each other. Today he’d apparently decided to go all out and she was excited to see what else he had in store. She had prepared something as well, a present for him that she knew he’d love. And another little something that the two of them could enjoy.

When she got home, Johanne found another bouquet of dark red roses and a message with which was a black satin scarf. The message invited her to take a bath and to dress up. No phone; it was their night. A taxi would wait for her at the door by 7:30pm; she must get in and use the scarf as a blindfold so that she couldn’t know where she was heading. With a smile on her face, she’d cleaned up, put some light make-up and dressed up.
Excited, she found the taxi waiting for her at the appointed time and played along, tying the scarf behind her head as the driver spoke to her about how amazing it was to see how in love the two of them still were. She explained it was their fifth anniversary and the first time they celebrated it in the city they got married in. When he stopped the car, Daniel opened the door and helped her out before he paid the cab.

Only when they sat, did he let her take off the blindfold. He’d taken her to her favourite restaurant in the city. It wasn’t super fancy but they served good food and the ambiance was always fun without being loud. As ever the food was fantastic and they had a lovely time; when they brought two glasses of champagne she shared her first present to him. They toasted to the upcoming birth of their first child. It had been a challenge and finally it was happening. He was so happy he stood and hugged her and kissed her until she could barely breathe. It was when they were walking towards the underground that it all went wrong.

Three men came at them; they didn’t worry too much. It was frequent to find groups in this neighbourhood although tonight wasn’t particularly busy. It was a week day after all. But when one pulled out a knife and demanded her jewellery and purse, she got scared. Daniel stood in front of her to protect her from the thugs. He was tall and broad but what could one man do against three? She never had the chance to say anything because one of their attackers jumped at her husband and it was all he could to defend himself and her. Daniel might have had the upper hand if the two others hadn’t joined in and one took a gun out of their pocket. When he actually pulled the trigger, it felt as if the entire world exploded. Two people fell down. The other two ran away. One had to be Daniel. He would never run away without her.
She knelt and pushed the body of one of the thugs away only to find Daniel lying down, his eyes veiled, his face tight and screwed with pain. He looked at her, smiled as he whispered ‘I love you’ Then his gaze became vacant. She screamed, clawed at him, blew air in his mouth trying to bring him back to life. To no avail. Noises! Arms trying to pull her away. She shook people’s hold screaming his name.

“Johanne! Johanne!”
She turned suddenly and slapped Daniel. She was in their bed and he was holding her arms as if she’d been fighting him. Her face was wet with tears.
“It’s ok love, it’s just a nightmare.”
He caressed her hair and cradled her lovingly. Could she be this terrified that he might leave her still? Yes, they had issues and she couldn’t seem to get pregnant but he wouldn’t leave for that. He loved her. Till death do us part they’d vowed. He wouldn’t leave. She fell asleep against him wondering if the images would come back. Thankfully, they didn’t.


image is Till death do us part by Dark spider


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