Turn, Turn, Turn ~ A Child’s Year

In response to the Daily prompt Turn, Turn, Turn.
Seasons change so quickly! Which one do you most look forward to? Which is your least favorite?

“Mother,” she asked, “when is spring coming?”
“Soon child, let winter do her thing.”
“But I am tired of cold and snow.”
“I know child, I know.”

“Mother,” she wondered, “when is summer starting.”
“Soon love, but its due to spring.
She needs time to bring to life flower and plant.”
“But mother I want the beach and the sand.”

“Mother,” she cried, “why is the fall not here yet?”
“Because summer isn’t over darling. Don’t fret.”
“But I want the beautiful autumn colours.”
“Patience child, soon will come these hours.”

“Mother,” she inquired, “why is winter so long to arrive?”
“Because everything is still very much alive.”
“But I want the snowmen, the fun and the ice.”
“Beloved daughter, don’t wish the time to pass.”

Every season is as special as the one after
Each one brings a different and precious gift
Be careful child, cause life can be a blur
Don’t wish it to go fast and swift.



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