Bone ~ Macabre Dance

In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness prompt: Bone

I’m a little late because the past few days have been busy plus I was on the road for a couple of days too. So here is me trying to catch up.

Sierra had always loved dancing. It was a great source of joy ever since she was a child: ballet classes or dancing at a club. She loved it all. Her favourite was ballroom though, specifically tango and paso double. She loved the trust one placed in their partner, how the man led the way. So that night when the tall dark new member of her ballroom club invited her for a turn, she agreed readily.

There rarely were enough men to partner with so when one wanted to dance with her she always said yes. Being taller than average she often had to play the male part. She didn’t mind but once in a while she enjoyed being led, being held by a strong partner. And he was one such: a stronger dancer than any of the men in the room. Not that she could really compare, because she was tall, and confident to boot, so few of the bony or balding men in the club ever invited her. But he was just as confident as her, maybe even a bit arrogant. He held himself like someone who knew his skills and his hand extended towards her was more an order than an invitation for her to dance with him.

He had strong shoulder and hand. When he took her wrist to start the first paso double of the evening, she felt her very bones respond to his touch. She knew in an instant she’d found the partner she’d always dreamed of. Every other would fall short. Her body espoused his and answered his every command. It felt like she knew exactly what he wanted, needed of her. The merest move of his fingers controlled her entire body. A pressure of his thumb on her palm directed her foot to the right where his accompanied her. His hand on the small of her back, barely caressing the bones of her hips led her in a pirouette that had her on the floor in a split.

Without any obvious effort he lifted her as if she weighed nothing and twirled with her, pulling her up in the process and bending her backwards, his face so close to her she could almost touch his lips with hers. And they curved into a handsomely devilish smile. She could see the entire bone structure of his strong face. In fact she had the sudden impression of looking right through him: his entire skull was visible to her. She blinked almost losing her timing but he held her tight and she didn’t. Bringing her closer to him, he whispered “forever together” just as the music ended.

She stood as he let go of her. Suddenly she felt completely bereft. The entire world fell in darkness.
“Wait!” She called softly. He looked at her and then down.
Sierra followed his gaze and found a plaque at her feet that read “Here rests Sierra Bones. May she dance forever in the light.”
Whoever had this plaque made knew her well. She would. She did. And she knew who her partner was. Looking up she faced her dancing partner. A skeleton. Bones. Death. The only partner who could lead her so strongly. The best partner. The only one left. She reached for his hand and together started once more their endless dance macabre.



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