Flash Fiction Month July 5/(S)he Said ~ Judgment

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt S/he Said.
Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

And in response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction July 5 prompt

She stood looking up at the Judge. Everything in the past few months had led her to this moment. She knew what she did; she wouldn’t deny it but somehow she’d hoped that “if you’d been there, if you’d seen it, I bet that you would have done the same” would work. But now that it was here, she realized that she’d not really expected it. It wasn’t the most forgiving jury.

Still, there were mitigating circumstances. She had suffered too long. Everybody could see it; everyone could testify. She’d done this in an act of desperation. It wasn’t as if she’d really premeditated it. She’d wanted out, she’d wanted to be free of the prison her life had become. In the Judge’s eyes, she could see her answer. Mitigating circumstances wouldn’t be enough. Then the verdict was given.”Guilty.”

She might have crumbled but she didn’t. She dropped her gaze when the Judge spoke to her.
“Look at me Ms. Becker.”
She did; she felt the weight of the sentence on her shoulder, in her entire body. She hadn’t seen any other way.
“What made you think that you would get away with this? You think that what happened was an excuse? That taking a life would give you back yours?”
He didn’t understand. She’d expected he’d understand. After all… She was angry. She embraced the sentence; it’s not like there was another way.

“What about what you did? Wasn’t it murder too? God! I spent my life being judged; not being enough ever. For anyone. No matter what I did. Nobody ever saw me. I was dead long before I committed suicide.”
“I did see you child of mine. And I loved you. Couldn’t you see it?”
She flushed out of shame. No. In the darkness that her life had become, she hadn’t heard Him, hadn’t seen Him. She’d embraced the darkness. And now judgment was passed. She would go to hell. Darkness for eternity.


326 words


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