Flash Fiction Month July 6 ~ Life on the Edge

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction Month July 6 prompt Dauntless

She was walking forward, backward, twirling on one foot – obviously having so much fun it made them laugh. She jumped crossing feet like a dancer, pulled one leg up drawing a perfect Y and made a perfect standing split. They knew how much she loved this.

When she did a summersault there was a collective gasp. The world stood silent as she recovered her balance before errupting in wild and loud applause, stomping and whistling. All this for the beautiful and talented tightrope walker.
When they replaced the safety net she jumped from her 30 feet high platform, landing lightly on the ground after a few bounces in the net.

She smiled and bowed, blowing a kiss to the crowd whose mind she’d just blown away…


image is Tightrope at the circus by AlexandreaZenne

127 words


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