Flash Fiction Month July 7 ~ Calling

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction Month July 7 challenge

The watch’s tick tok was relentless. Left, right, tick tok. He was so bored. Tick tok. That’s not where he wanted to be right now. Not at all.

Jason Stokes was punished. He and Mike were in detention. He cast a glance towards the clock and its annoying tick tok before looking at his friend. Mike grinned. He was a serious student but he always followed Jason when it came to doing stupid things. Though if he were honest, Jason would admit that his best friend was better at pulling crazy stunts. He was the clever one. He was the one who had started fireworks in the chemistry class for the great delight of his classmates.
They were lucky not to have been kicked out of boarding school yet. But neither of them cared too much. And it wasn’t as if they were doing dangerous things. It was all for fun. In fact, even now, Jason was already preparing his next prank. Mrs. Zelig, the German teacher was his next victim.

He really couldn’t stay here. That’s not where he was meant to be. But he had to. It was so boring. He looked left, right. Tick tok. Tick tok. When would this hour finish? So boring. There was so much more to do than being here.

A whistle caught his attention, almost snapping him out of it. Forsythe, the coach always loved detention. He was a mean sucker who liked to bring down the students. That was on him they’d wanted to pull the prank, teach him a lesson. It would have been fun if it had worked. Only they got caught before they could make it happen.
Mike winked. That usually meant he had a good idea. He cast a very quick glance towards Forsythe who was observing them with his vicious gaze. Jason grinned and relaxed. Mike was a genius. Whatever he had planned, it would be good. But how could he implement whatever he intended to do. The coach was suspicious as fuck. Still Jason smiled, as he looked at his watch. If he knew his friend well, and he did, they’d be out of here soon.
Tick tok, the watch went. Tick tok relentless. Mike was doing something with his hands. He seemed to be typing on his calculator as if he were doing math exercises. They did have a few to complete for Mrs. Heel. Well whatever he was doing, suddenly the alarm went off. What the hell! Mike looked as surprised as he was. Forsythe stood and checked.
“Off you go morons. You’re lucky. Get out of here. And I’d better not see you try and pull something like that again. You deserve a good caning.”
They didn’t wait to be told twice and ran away to the nearest exit. Tick tok the watch continued. Left right.
“Did you do that?” Jason asked.
“I didn’t. That wasn’t me. I was going to get all the lights to turn off. That’s better. Whoever pulled the alarm was a genius.”
They were laughing not worried at all about a fire. It was the weekend and even if there was one, who cared? Nobody was here. They reached the school exit when they found her: a beautiful girl just underneath the alarm. Dead. She was a student here too: the uniform said it. She looked as if she were asleep except that her lips were completely blue and her hands bloodied. So was the wall. Was she the one who pulled on the signal? Had they seen anyone as they made their way here? Where were the teachers?
Jason’s watch kept ticking. He looked left, right. He wasn’t meant to be here. His mind kept going back to the girl. Her name was Stella Feathering. They never found her killer. He’d tried. Finding her changed him. He became a cop. He wanted to be a detective. It was his calling. A detective: not a stupid bored traffic cop. He shouldn’t be here.


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