Flash Fiction Month July 9 ~ Mythical Mess


In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction Month July 9 prompt
Image is Hades and Persephone 2 by Sandara

She was lying down unconscious but something about her was luscious and desirable even in her state. Who could have caused her to faint? He reached to caress her beautiful hair. He leaned in ready to kiss her full and beautiful lips, when something interrupted his fantasy. He was back in the street avoiding bumping into people as he kept his eyes on his… target. His pocket vibrated again.

“You have got to be kidding me.” He swore under his breath. He was on a stake out for his sake. Even with the phone on vibrating, it was defeating the entire invisibility thing he had going on. The girl turned around. She mustn’t know he was following her.

No, he was no creep. It’s not like he was stalking her on her social media accounts. He looked at the message.
“The Charon department are threatening to go on strike if we don’t increase the wages. Two gold coins aren’t enough. They want three.”
Osiris was good at assigning people to different levels in the office but obviously had no managing skills whatsoever. The Charon people was easy to deal with. The Fates on the other hand… It was his day off for crying out loud. Could they not leave him alone? Why wasn’t Anubis helping?

Work on the go. He hated it. The transition may have been necessary but for the love of Hathor it messed up his entire life. There had to be a balance between work and personal endeavours. Smartphones prevented this. Now it was work all the time. Days, evenings, nights and weekends. Sure he’d taken a job that required constant management. But he deemed himself skilled at delegating tasks. Only even that was no longer enough. That might be the one thing he should negotiate.

Keeping an eye on his target, he typed away on his phone.
“Explain to the representative that while we understand the request, they have to figure out a way for the newly arrived to hold the third coin. Mouth won’t work since they have to be able to speak. If they can offer us an option on how to deal with this, we’ll consider the raise.” He shut the phone off.

He looked at his prey. So what if she was technically family? Desire wasn’t something one could control. Not entirely. He could follow her and do nothing. It rang again. Only this time it was a call. Ok, there was no point to invisibility if he was going to talk to someone. He considered ignoring the call but it was his boss.

“Yes, hello.”
“Hello, just calling because I heard about the potential strike. What are you doing about it?”
He took a deep breath.
“Well I’ve just sent an email to Osiris and Anubis about it.”
“You can’t ask Anubis. You’re in charge of the entire department. He’s just a manager. And I can’t believe you would trust Osiris with that.”
“Look, it’s nothing we can’t handle. They’ve threatened to go on strike before. I’m sure they’ll be reasonable. They’ll be happy with a cut in hours even though they don’t get the wage. Worst case scenario we can do that.”
“That’s going to cost a fortune. You can’t cut their hours and not the pay!”
“Ok. How about this? I’m currently on an errand. Let me finish it and then I’ll send you an email with the plan and the possible outcomes?”
“I want that in my mailbox for 5pm.”
“Unfortunately that won’t happen. You’ll have it for 8pm. That way I’ll have all the data and answers. Right now I don’t have access to my computer.”
“Ok, fine. 8pm. By the way, I’m meeting your Mexican counterpart tomorrow. Name’s Supay? You heard of him?”
“I hear he’s ambitious and that female workers don’t necessarily do well under his leadership.”
“He’s a little harsh. Not everyone’s managing style. But as you said, he’s ambitious. Works 16 hours a day.”
Well so was he usually… though not lately. He was distracted by the lovely woman he was still following. And his doctor said to be careful. Burn out were frequent in his line of work. He had to stop multitasking. He couldn’t focus on his target and on his boss. But at least he didn’t seem too out of place. Everyone with their phone literally hooked to their ear wouldn’t notice.
“Anyway, Supay’s considering a transfer here.”
He might have sputtered.

“Sure why not? Do you think he could work with the Fates? Considering he has issues working with ladies…”
“Bah, they’ll adjust.”
“Sure… Well let me finish my errand and I’ll get back to you on the strike issue.”
“It’s not a problem if I ask Supay what he thinks of it?”
Sneaky. Yes of course it was a problem to imply that he couldn’t deal with it.
“No, I’m sure he has some interesting ideas. I’m willing to listen to what goes in other branches. We’re a team right.”
“Ok, I’ll be waiting. See you tomorrow.”

He hung up. But the discussion left him frazzled. It looked like the object of his forbidden desire would have to wait. Work called. Again.




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