Born To Be With You ~ Destined Meeting


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Born to Be With You.”
Got a soul-mate and/or a best friend? What is it about that person that you love best? Describe them in great detail — leave no important quality out.

He looks at her as she is sleeping; thankfully she has not fought him on this and has agreed to rest. She has been more amenable over the past few days… ever since he let her reclaim some of her powers. Once they arrived in his lair he had her settled on one of the patios where the temperature is more bearable. She has not attempted to bring more of the desert to its former state; she has accepted that doing so would bring attention on them from both the gods and their avatars. He isn’t ready to reveal his nature; Arsies must find his way to wisdom before he makes a choice even though he knows she has already made hers. At this hour the sun falls on her auburn hair, which appears on fire in the sunset. Soon he will need to wake her up and reveal what they share. He will also return her sight for good. He has prevented her from grasping it until now; it was important she could not tell where this fortress is if her power is once more controlled. He does not worry too much about it now; she has learned much in the past couple of weeks. Yet he keeps her hidden and he still wraps a blanket of power over her when she sleeps. He wonders if her nightmares will ever go away.
“How long will Chaos wait to show himself?” He almost startles. He has not realized until now she was awake. “You are the First are not you? That’s why we’re bound.”

He is so much more than Chaos incarnation much as she is more than a simple key. How could he know that the one who has become him has been dreaming of Eriane since he was a child? And yet could it be any other way? Having touched Eriane when she was only a mere sparkle of life in her mother’s womb, who else could he have become? The chance of his gifts preordained these two mortals to meet, these two sparks to merge. And yet he does not answer… he knows how their choices have influenced fate. That is what he represents. The man could have chosen not to offer his faith and the woman could have refused the powers that woke in Aerstor. She could have been frightened away by their enormity; he could have refused to embrace the desert storm. Instead, the two children have embraced what they are. He feels inside the strength of the man’s faith, who has entrusted his life to him twice: when he was initiated and when he came to the storm to offer his body as a vessel.
Slowly he reaches out to her mind, not invading just a tentative step as one would knock on a door. She opens her spirit and soul as he gives her back her sight. He feels it as she grasps it and holds onto it as if he were going to take it again as he has in the past. Still the fear is no longer there; something else has replaced it that he cannot ignore. He observes her as she blinks against the light of the place: the sun has set and the purple hues of the skies are less blinding than its fiery colours prior to the sun disappearance. It is easier for the young woman whose pupils dilate before they go back to their normal size. There is however nothing normal about Eriane’s eyes; they shine in the same colour as the sky, a shade of violet that the man he has become has known ever since he can remember his dreams. As she meets his gaze and sees his face for the first her lips curve into a smile that illuminate the patio even more so than the sun itself. She knows him…
“Why did you hide Sheran?”

It’s surprising, almost breathtaking… how can she know his name? The question in his mind he looks deeply into her eyes and as she smiles it seems she opens a window she has kept close until now. She offers insight, understanding…
“Ah… Mehjai. He is your children’s father…” She nods quietly. “You really are a fast learner.” Half-truth that. She is a natural and while it isn’t unexpected it still leaves him slightly stunned. “I am surprised you could keep him hidden this long.”
“Don’t you know?” She shrugs a mischievous smile on her face; she almost looks like a woman with no worries. It suits her. He smiles in return.
“Of course, you decided what you let me see and take. You are the only person who’s been able to do this.”
“My guess is we all can if we have the will. Is that not what you stand for?”
“You should have been a priestess of Arsies… you are wiser than many of his people. And you could have convinced him. I could not.”
“Trust Mehjai.” What does she mean? “He will convince the King. He believes in you.”
“Who? His brother or Chaos?”
“You should know… both.”

She gazes at him with an intensity that no mortal woman should summon. And yet she isn’t really mortal; she is more than that, more than a woman or a priestess. He is curious; there is a question in her eyes that she does not wish to ask but will not let him hear… What does she want? Slowly she reaches out to his face: a part of him needs to step back whereas the other cannot wait for her hand to lay on his cheek, which it does. Her fingers, her palm are so warm, soft as well. Unlike his that are rough from the desert sands. Suddenly she turns away sadness in her eyes. Gently he holds her hand, preventing her to move too far.
“What is it?” He too brings his hand to her face, his fingers softly laying on her chin as he forces her to look at him. She hesitates biting her lips – he dreamt that once but cannot remember what it was she said then. “Nothing you have in mind can be this bad.”
“I don’t know… I have made mistakes before.”
“You have proved yourself more than I could have expected Eriane. It will not change.”
“Fine.” She does not go on… he raises an eyebrow. She breathes in deeply. “How long have you known me?”
He smiles as he finally sees: it isn’t her question… maybe a safer way to ask it. And he feels suffused with a well being that he has not known in millennia. Mehjai may be the father of Eriane’s children but her heart does not belong to his brother. He understands what the crone said. Love as you will; Ilwan was as much his child as theirs.
“I have known you since the beginning of time. We are one soul divided in two beings.” He leans in and softly kisses her lips; he senses in her the chaos of emotions unfurling at the same time it does in him. Recognition and joy war with anxiety and incomprehension. It is as if the world has been shaken down to its roots. He whispers, more the man than the god. “I have known you forever… ever since I can dream.”

She sighs as if his answer allows her to finally give in to the feelings she knows are inside her. She moves against him into his embrace and suddenly seems to melt into him. He hears her heart as it beats loudly and as she kisses him back he sees in her the dreams she has had since she was a child. They have always walked towards each other. He comes home: so is she. They have found what has always been missing. A storm seems to suddenly engulf them…



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