Flash Fiction Month July 15 ~ I Saw It I Swear…

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction July 15 prompt

The first time I saw her was like magic. She literally appeared out of nowhere. I was talking a walk by the shore as was my habit first thing in the morning. I love the light in the sunrise over the sea. It’s like the worlds of dreams and reality collide and give us these wonderful colours.
It’s no wonder I thought I was still sleepy. But she  was real. One moment she wasn’t there, and the next she was. She came out of the sea with a tail and then she had legs. I turned around to check if anyone else was witnessing this but I was alone. Who wakes up at 5am on a Saturday?

When I looked back she’d ran on the tracks wearing shorts and snickers like any human woman. That night, I came back. I didn’t see her but in the shrubbery where she’d disappeared, I found a pair of snickers, shorts, a bra and tanktop. That mermaid was real. Every morning I went and every morning I saw her. If she saw me I don’t know. I never caught her in the evening, always too late to catch her. So one day I came earlier and earlier. But never did I see her in the evening. Maybe she went another way and she had a contact on earth, who would leave her things there.

She was beautiful, with gorgeous dark brown curls and eyes the colour of the sea from whence she came. First time I spoke of her, my parents said I must have been dreaming. I was waking up too early. When I insisted, they said I’d always had an overactive imagination. When I didn’t let it go, they believed I had a girlfriend and it was my way of coming out to them. They didn’t mind if I was gay, but I didn’t need to lie to myself. I tried to explain but they didn’t understand. After some time, they forbade me to go. So I left through my window before they were up. 

One day, I came prepared and earlier. I saw her. She was right there in front of me. That day I had my camera with me. I had to show them I was right. That I wasn’t lying. I took photos… Of the mermaid and the woman she became. But even with the photos, it wasn’t enough. They weren’t seeing the truth. They were blind.

“Calm down Heather. Are these the photos you took?” I rolled my eyes. “There’s no mermaid here. A beautiful woman yes. But she has legs.”

Of course she did. That was the photo after.

“Heather, she’s your neighbours’ daughter. Geraldine. You heard your parents call her a siren because she’s part of the synchronised swimming team. You’re confused Heather.”

I wasn’t confused and I didn’t belong here with crazy people. They just didn’t believe and they would make me think I was crazy so they didn’t admit I was right.



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