Flash Fiction Month July 17 ~ Forfeit

In response to DeviantArt Flash fiction Month July 17 prompt

She looks around, terrified. Everyone goes up, running past her to get to the stairs. But then what?
Fear, sorrow. So much she could have done. So much she could have given or forgiven. All those grudges: not that she’s held a lot but still. They seem worthless now.
The sun is shining out but it might as well be night. There’s only darkness left.
She tries to call but the network is dead. Or maybe too many people are trying to speak with the ones they love.

The way up holds nothing. And down? Well… A few floors below everything is burning, nobody can go through. But she wants to live. And yet she knows it’s unlikely.
The smoke catches her throat. She coughs. There’s only one way: up. But then what? No! She won’t go up. She will choose the way she goes. She will go down.

She runs and jumps through the window. 70th floor.
She’s always loved skydiving.
This time though, she’s gone before she reaches the ground.


171 words


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