Flash Fiction Month July 18 ~ Come to Life

In response to DeviantArt Flash Fiction July 18 prompt: what actually happens in your house when you sleep.

She cast a quick glance around the room as if she’d heard something. When nothing moved she shrugged; satisfied everything was as it should be, she lay down and thankfully fell asleep quickly.

Pushing what was her door open, Celia came out and into the room. She was always the first to come out; it would be easier if for any reason the young woman woke up. A quick look down let her know that Geraldine hadn’t gone much further than where she was two weeks ago. Apparently she was stuck at that stupid tea party still. Celia turned and taking a quick look on the desk released her favourite companion. The Amazon – she wasn’t truly an Amazon but that was what Celia called her – Feline hauled herself out of the 300 or so page book that held her. At least, her story was finished; queen of her people, she’d been spared the destiny every woman in Celia’s world was sentenced to – at least according to what her book companions said – marriage. Between the two of them, they opened the books to let their night companions out. Always careful to check what chapter they opened. It wouldn’t do to let the entire Roman army come out off her Oracle Vision manuscript. But Iphigenia and Cassandra were alright. Mejhai from her World in Exile was charming and always ready to tell a story from the desert where he came from. Cadfael and Eilwen came the Dragon Riders’ world. At least a dozen tonight. They even let out Mike from her most recent short story. He was on the darker side – and that had nothing to do with the fact that he was the only one in black and white – but still a good guy, deep down.

Together they got out of the room and gathered in the living room. They spoke of their story: what bits and pieces they knew because in fairness apart from Feline, they were all work in progress. They explained where they came from in their author’s mind. What fascinated Celia was how each of them had power over their own story. Eilwen and Cadfael had fallen in love despite Geraldine’s best effort to not let them. Rowena on the other hand never did even though she was originally meant to. Celia had never really tried for herself. Might be why she was stuck where she was. Maybe she should impose on her author and lead the plot where she wanted it to go. She hadn’t met Mr. Peterson but she didn’t like him anyway and maybe she could convince Geraldine that her story didn’t resolve itself with love. She wanted to be a scientist. That much she knew about herself. She took a decision. When they went up some time later, she let the others in. She was always last to get back in. Before she did, she whispered something into the sleeper’s ear. Geraldine sighed. Their young author had an overactive imagination. What would she say if she knew her creation came to life during her sleep?

She cast a quick glance around the room as if she’d heard something. When nothing moved she shrugged; satisfied everything was as it should be, she got out of bed and dressed. Another day of writing ahead. She had to get Celia out of that marriage arrangement; the girl wasn’t meant to marry yet. She had the thread of something bigger: maybe an assistant to Darwin, one who remained in the background… Something could happen. She had to think about it.


603 words


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