Que Sera Sera ~ This Is a Story About Control

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt “Que Sera Sera.”
Do you believe in fate or do you believe you can control your own destiny?

“Mr. Shepherd will you see Ms. Delgado?”
“No. Not today. Will you apologize on my behalf? That conference call went on longer than I thought.”
And he had an event to attend that required him to change. Who was she anyway? No one who mattered otherwise he’d remember the name. He knew all the names he needed to. It was crucial to control what was going on around here. “Put her on my agenda for tomorrow at 3pm.”
“You have a meeting with his Excellency tomorrow at 3:30pm. May I suggest 1:30pm after your lunch with the Senator?”
“Sure, thank you Leslie.” She turned. “Leslie?”
“Yes, Mr. Shepherd.”
“Ms. Delgado was coming for a meeting about?”
“The file wasn’t particularly self explanatory sir. A project in the old industrial neighbourhood. I’ll take her card.”
“Right. Yes, 1:30pm.” He had to re-read that folder. It was on his desk at home. When he came back from the fundraiser.

Leaving his office he bid Leslie a good evening, advised her to go home. She’d stayed late twice this week already. Giving a quick nod to James from housekeeping, he went down and stepped into his car.
“Good evening Sir.” Mike said.
“Good evening Mike. I’m in a bit of a hurry.”
“I understand Sir.”
Within 30 minutes he was at the apartment, showered and in a tux with his speech in his pocket. The night was his. A fundraiser but also an even to acknowledge his impact in the city, a great developer of business. And jobs. So far from where he started. So far from where fate would have him go according to his mother. He shivered.

He didn’t believe in fate. He’d taken it into his own hands refusing to believe in any of his family stupid tricks. Cards couldn’t predict the future. One made themselves. He would not die with nothing. He had plenty. A great job, that he’d worked hard to get to. Plenty of money that he’d earned sweating in the early days and then going up the ladder. And plenty of friends and girlfriends. But honestly he felt a little lonely at the top sometimes.
Still his mother would probably be both proud and annoyed that he did so well despite all her card tricks. Proud that he was successful but annoyed that she’d been wrong. He made his choices, sometimes taken risks. But it was well worth it. Yes. He had everything he worked to get. And he would be recognized for it. On that thought he left.

The gala happened in a posh hotel and he was glad to see that he was among the first guests. He hated nothing more than the term “fashionably late.” There was nothing fashionable about being late, it was just rude. It showed lack of respect. Being the man of the evening, he must show the same respect he expected from the others.
“Mr. Shepherd?”
He turned facing a blue-eyed dark haired beauty. Her gaze was the most intense he’d ever seen since his mother.
“Please to meet you. I’m Serena Delgado.”
“We were supposed to meet today. I’m sorry my schedule got reorganized so drastically.”
“That’s fine. I’m seeing you tomorrow afternoon. But I wanted the opportunity to introduce myself.
“You’re new in the community?”
“As fate would have it, I’m not.” She smiled. “I was born here but it’s been 15 years since I left. I sought to escape my fate. I guess… But it’s caught up with me.”
He startled. That was a weird way of putting things. And with the way his thoughts went earlier he wondered. She looked around as the guests arrived forming almost a crowd in the great hall.
“Things have changed a lot.”
“For the better.”
“One would think so.” She didn’t seem to be convinced. “And you’ve been very successful.”
“Well I’ve worked really hard and I still do. I’m reaping some of the rewards.”
“Anything meaningful?”
The way she asked made him look at her once more. What was she about?
“What makes you think it wouldn’t be so?”
“I see money and acquaintances. But no Mrs. or children.”
“I could have left them home.”
Her face said he didn’t fool her.
“I’m looking forward to speaking with you about my project tomorrow. Here’s my card.” She handed him a card larger than usual but since she was shaking his hand he didn’t break eye contact as he put the card in the pocket of his jacket. “In the meantime enjoy your night. Don’t tempt Fate though.” She added with a knowing smile.
She was gone before he could react lost in the throng of people that had finally arrived and tried to get his attention. But he wondered. It wasn’t until later that night that he finally looked at the card: the Fool. New beginnings. Maybe there was fate after all. Whatever would be, would be.



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