Worth a Thousand Words ~ Gift

In response to Friday Flash Challenge prompt Worth a Thousand Words

He was coming from half a world away. She’d travelled before but the notion of a 35 hour flight was just unconceivable, almost. But he was coming. She couldn’t take the entire day, so she’d asked to get an evening shift. That didn’t leave much time but it would have to do. And although she hated shopping, it was a worthy reason to get through the ordeal. In fact, it proved to be a new and somewhat intriguing experience, one she couldn’t claim to not enjoy.

When he texted he was almost there, he’d just left the airport, her excitement mounted. She had forty minutes. Everything was clean and the shutters were closed. She couldn’t risk the neighbours peeking. She put on her red shoes; not only did they set off her newly purchased corset nicely but they would be a hint if he knew her. She put on the black silk dressing gown and waited. She’d never guessed a corset could feel so snug and agreeable. She imagined him peeling the peignoir off her and then loosen the silk holding the garment as one would unwrap a gift. She would be his gift today. The idea made her warm and flushed. She couldn’t wait.

She jumped when the bell rang. In a second she’d opened the door and he was here. She beamed. He smiled, the dark rings under his eyes proof that he probably didn’t sleep too much. She tried to hide what disappointment she felt. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea after all. But his fingers reached for her face, caressing it, as he dropped his bag. Her skin tingled, warmth spreading throughout her body. He closed the door and embraced her, his lips crushing hers in a kiss that spoke of his desire. Regardless of his tiredness, he wanted her. He pulled at the belt of her dressing gown, undoing the knot and with his strong hands pushed the silk off her shoulders, his fingers following the cloth, as it ran down her body.

He smiled against her lips when his hands met the corset. He approved. She parted her lips in a soft moan, her tongue dancing with his. A pool of wetness gathered at her core, while she leaned into his body. Then his hands reached her hips and down her butt, uncovered. He raised an eyebrow, as he squeezed her butt cheek, with a possessiveness that sent electricity through her. She moaned again, willing him to stop teasing her. The hardness against her hips told her he was obviously as needy as she felt.
“Have you missed me love?”
“Every day. Every night.”
It was her gift to him. Her husband smiled and proceeded to show her how much he too had missed her. For the next while, nothing but their love mattered: tiredness, jet lag and work.


photo by KiltedWookie

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