YAWN ~ Listless


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt (YAWN)
What bores you?

The page remained white in front of her. Leaning on the desk, she sighed. She was so bored. So so bored. Her eyes drifted to the window; it was raining outside, the entire world seemed to be bathed in shades of grey. It wasn’t inviting. She wished she could must some energy to do something, anything. Or to want to do something. But she couldn’t.

Her paper wasn’t going anywhere; micro economics were a mandatory class this semester. Usually she didn’t mind maths and calculations, but this was just bleh. She’d doodled on the page; maelstroms, some shapeless animals, lines and circles. But not a word on the place of micro economics in policies. This had to be the most boring, pointless essay ever.

And it wasn’t as if she were motivated to do anything else. She could pick up an international relationship course book and read a chapter for tomorrow’s lesson, but she didn’t feel like that. Or she could just listen to music and do nothing. But the idea of turning on the computer and sift through her music list to find something relaxing was exhausting.

She wrote bored a number of times on that paper. It rarely happened but today she had no inclination to desire anything. She was apathetic, listless; and she had no idea how to get out of that funk. She couldn’t know it then, but she’d wind up regretting finding the way out of it.



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