Love Nudges ~ Regret

In response to Lynn’s challenge to answer Love Nudges. Today’s prompt is Regret
The rule:
Your writing can take any form – poem (tanka, haiku, ode, blank verse, limeric – whatever you fancy, knock your poetic socks off): prose (up to three sentences), song lyric, ditty, advertising blurb … Really, whatever you fancy as long as it’s short-ish.

She could have focused on everything she hadn’t done: she hadn’t climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, she hadn’t visited China like she’d always wanted to. Instead, she had three children and a husband whom she loved more than life. No, regrets had no place in her heart.



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  1. Lynn Love says:

    Ah, that’s wonderful! I feel like that too. I haven’t done a great deal in my life – haven’t travelled much or had a great career. But I’ve loved the same man for 26 years and have a wonderful son – and that’s enough for any lifetime.
    Thanks so much for taking part.

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    1. MyLovingWife says:

      At the end of a life, love’s the only remaining measure of who we are/were… the inheritance we leave our children, our families and friends is the love we shared.
      I know my grandmother was never so happy as when she was surrounded by her family; she glowed. She loved generously, without condition and this is how we remember her. And her amazing unfettered laughter. That’s our heritage: love and laughter for all the pain that she’s gone.
      But love is our true wealth; I’ve learned that thanks to her and my parents.

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      1. Lynn Love says:

        Beautifully put! What else is life about? That’s the very meaning of our existence – to make connections with other people, to share and receive love and friendship. Without these things, the rest of existence pales into insignificance.

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