Contraction ~ Birth

In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness writing prompt Contraction.

Contraction. Actually… contractions. Many. One after the other. They were close. And it hurt like hell. She knew it was what kept her awake. Without the pain, she would have been inclined to sleep. And from the concern she’d seen in the medic’s and Jessie’s eyes, she knew she might not wake up. Some time ago, less than a year ago, she might have welcome the darkness, she might have sought death. Give birth to the children and be gone from this world. But Jason and Kyle had pulled her out of the chasm of despair that her life had become. And then Jessie had guided her through the darkness of Jason’s death towards the end of the tunnel. She’d seen the light; and now that it was within reach, she didn’t want to let it go. She would reach for it with all her being; she’d come to love these two babies growing within her. She’d come to love Nate, Mary and even to a point her father-in-law and his eldest son. They weren’t easy men; she understood Jason a lot more after that time with his family. She understood why he’d fought so hard to keep her. She understood too that he meant for her to discover Jessie. He might even have planned – well not planned that would be overly arrogant although he could be that sometimes – or hoped that she might fall in love with his brother.
They were all difficult men, except Nate, Nate who was actually their nephew, not their brothers. Well he was John’s son; and she was here because Nate’s mother had died and his aunt had wanted revenge. Pain cut through. Her thoughts scattered. The contractions were coming faster.
“I’m here, Kelsey.”
Jessie held her hand; she hadn’t noticed that. He spoke to her in soothing tones, telling her to breathe. She followed his breathing, slowing down. Inhale exhale, deep. Again. Again.
“Mrs. Fairfax, you’re going to have to push. Now.”
So she did; pain racked her body despite the epidural. She screamed; she pressed her hand.
“Kelsey,” Jessie’s voice was strained. She looked down. She released some of the pressure. He breathed better. But not she. One more contraction. And again her core shattered. Another scream; not hers.
“You have a beautiful girl, Mrs. Fairfax.”
“You were right Kelsey, it’s a girl.”
“What should we name her Mrs. Fairfax?”
Jessie’s eyes widened. Jason and she had spoken of names. Pain subsided for a moment before it took again. She pushed before she was told to knowing that a second child was on its way. Jessie looked at her and she knew. She smiled: they were twin girls after all.
“Katherine.” She whispered.
The final contraction left her exhausted even though it was, by far, the smallest.
“You ok love?”
She smiled and whispered a yes, before she drifted to sleep. She heard the voice but it wasn’t enough to keep her awake.
“Kelsey! Kelsey don’t!’



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