Longing ~ Wish

In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Longing

In her dreams, she’s free. She longs for liberty to do what she wants, live her own life. She wishes one day, she’s able to leave, spend her days as she sees fit instead of this life of duty.

In her dreams she can be what she want. She longs for that terrifying choice, for the lessons of mistakes and failures. She wishes one day she can say she’s wiser. She knows she has herself to blame. She knew wishes are silly; she made one and…

She answers when she’s called. She always does. She has to; it is what she is. A powerful prisoner. She’s bound; to fulfill other people’s wishes, never her own.

Instead she longs for that long lost freedom that not one master will ever wish for her. Mankind if selfish. She was that once too.



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