This and That ~ Inevitable

In response to Linda G Hill’s stream of consciousness Saturday This and That and
In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Inevitable

This was doomed to happen, inevitable as it were. That was always the case. There was no escaping the truth of it. There was nothing anyone could do about it; time flew. It slipped and nobody could stop it. Like grains of sand, it seeped through one’s hand until nothing was left.

Time’s up… That could be something told at the end, couldn’t it? More often than not people don’t expect it. It’s always a surprise. A shock.

This was the same that time. It was the same every time.

Time’s up.

Wait! No! I’m not done.

Nope. You lost. It’s my turn to play now.

She said with a smile; he shrugged. He’d lost again; he never seemed to guess the riddle she gave. He always lost.

And that was that.



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