Friend ~ Precious Commodity

They all said that Lily was the sweetest thing, the best friend one could hope for. And she was. Always there for those who needed her, she put everyone’s needs before her own. She never complained about anything or anybody. She had the easiest life: she had a dream job, a dream husband whom everyone loved and who made decent money. Her parents were any teenager’s dream too. No wonder she barely went through the crisis most her friends did. Who would rebel against authority when it wore Mrs. and Mr. Dillinger’s faces?

So yes, there was some envy. Her friends did experience some stabs of envy and jealousy once in a while. Who wouldn’t? It wasn’t exactly fair that someone would get it all. In hindsight, they admitted they took Lily for granted. And so they didn’t understand when one day, she stopped returning calls. Suddenly her cellphone number was no longer in service. Then her Facebook page went down, her email was shut off. Mr. and Mrs. Dillinger were quick to say she was ok but needed some time. Nobody was really convinced but her parents would say no more. Her brother didn’t help solving the mystery. He repeated the same thing as his parents.

Some friends went to her house only to find some people rented it from an agency whose staff knew nothing about the owners except that they’d asked for a minimum of 2 year lease. The police had nothing to add; there weren’t any missing person case. But when Gina heard Lily quit her job, she knew something was off. Lily might have gone dark but she’d never quit: she loved her job. She hadn’t even come to pick up her last check.

Everyone thought Gina was worrying for nothing. Her parents said she was fine so she must be. But then why would the house be rented for 2 years? Why would she quit a job she loved? And why would Brian disappear too? She badgered the police until they did investigate. It turned out her parents and brother only received a quick email from their daughter, saying that she lost the child she’d been expecting and they needed to go away. No information about where, for how long? An email had arrived from a bogus address to say they’d reached a place to start over, leave the past behind.

In the end, it took three weeks to the police to find her and Brian. Hers wasn’t a dream marriage after all but rather a nightmare. When Brian beat her badly enough that she lost the child, she told him she was leaving. He snapped. Nobody had ever guessed, not even her family and she never felt she could confide in anyone. Everyone considered Lily their best friend but only when it came to leaning on her. It seemed she never had a true friend except Gina, who saved her life. Who would have thought that friends were such a precious commodity?

In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Friend


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