Identity ~ Thief

Snap. No smiling. Snap. She’d done this before; a number of times.
She sat at the desk afterwards; the man in front of her didn’t look particularly happy, nor kind. He placed the ID card and the passport on the table. She reached for them. The information in there was her identity, at least that was what they were meant to be.

“So Ms. Tess Matthews… or is it Ms. Jenifer Greyson? Or better yet Ms. Selena Wayne?”
She was Ms. Matthews, and Ms. Greyson and Ms. Wayne. And yet she was neither. These were just names, borrowed for a time, for a purpose. The police officer might consider her an ID thief but she wasn’t. She’d become each of these women; they’d become her. She must.
“Tell me. Who are you?”
“I’m Tess Matthews, born in Salem, Oregon on January 19th 1992, secretary at Bones and Keaton’s Associates. And I’m Jenifer Greyson born in Chicago, Illinois on August 1st 1989, substitute teacher. I’m Abigail Hynes, born in Austin, Texas on July 27th 1990. I’m also Selena Wayne, born April 14th 1991, in Toronto, Canada, unemployed.”
“Selena Wayne is a thief. You’re a thief. Do you even know who you are?”

She knew… But she couldn’t tell. If she did, she would die. That was the entire point was it not? She’d been so careful. Almost three years with that name. And then she’d ran a red light. Everything was falling apart. Nobody could know she was here. The man sneered.
“You don’t even know. You’ve been on the run for so long, you don’t even remember. But I know.”
Her head snapped. No! He couldn’t know.
“You’re Esther Shield. Born September 5th 1989 in New York. Supposedly deceased on May 2nd 2006 in a car crash with her boyfriend Theo.” No, no no no no!! “And I know a few people who will be delighted to know you are alive. Did you really think you could escape this?”
“I’d hoped to.”
“Well not anymore. And with the fake IDs…”
She was screwed; they wouldn’t let her disappear again. She’d have to testify. But she didn’t want to. She didn’t want to be Esther Shield. She didn’t want to remember… she’d fled Esther and everything she was and saw. Now Esther was catching up with her. And she couldn’t escape it.


In response to the Daily Post Discover Challenge Identity and to the daily writing prompt Snap


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  1. Oh I love this! Very well done!

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    1. MyLovingWife says:

      Thank you very much Ms. Kitty.

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