Angry ~ Denial

As she checked her agenda, Beth was more than a little angry. She’d always separated her private and professional lives, ensuring they never overlapped. It kept things simple. Jobs came and went; she didn’t get attached to people. She could be there one day and not the next, same with her colleagues. So she didn’t share that much private information.

Only now she wouldn’t have a choice. There was this meeting she might not be able to attend because of the appointment. And this training she definitely couldn’t go to. She didn’t want to give her employer a reason to fire her; she’d seen it before. Words of reassurance given to someone that their being sick wouldn’t impact their position in the company. And then, as soon as the absences went over 10 days… gone. There was no legal obligation from them to keep someone after 10 emergency days.

But she couldn’t afford a sick leave. Was it fate that played with her? She had just been offered a promotion; things were finally looking up. She was going to work in the field she trained for. And now this! It wasn’t fair. She was too young. Or maybe she was panicking for nothing. Maybe it wasn’t what they said it was. The doctors weren’t sure.

So yes, anger and fear mingled equally. She sighed. She would have to check with colleagues if they wouldn’t mind exchange shifts with her. That was a risk; some people exacted returns on favours way after expiration date. But they wouldn’t let her live it down, especially if she were promoted. Maybe she wouldn’t exchange shifts. Why did she have to decide that now? She should be preparing for that special new job she’d had her sights on for two years… Damn it!

She’d call the doctor; private life couldn’t mess up her professional life so badly. Not now. It must be nothing.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt from June 1 (yes I know I’m late) Angry


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