Struggle ~ Resurrection

She rearranged the flowers for what must be the tenth time. Then she proceeded to replacing the glasses on the coffee table. She didn’t even seem to realize that she was doing it. She looked so frail in black; he didn’t understand why she favored the color. Well no, that wasn’t exactly true. But she could have gone for another dark tone, a charcoal grey or night blue. Either would have diminished the paleness of her skin, it might even have hidden her sunken eyes.

He knew he was expecting much of her. Maybe too much. He’d uprooted her, turned her life upside down. It was for her own good though. But she wasn’t getting any better. Everything around her had fallen apart; she needed to rebuild her life. She needed to rebuild herself. And he wasn’t certain she could ever do it. Behind him, the door opened. Kyle was home. They exchanged a look.
Is she better? Kyle was asking without words. He shrugged. She’d come out of her room at least. Kyle’s gaze moved to Kelsey. So much sorrow. He might as well have been in her shoes. Kyle was a better man than he was. He’d taken Kelsey away from the only place she knew. They’d moved to the other side of the country. And she was still broken.

“Hi Kyle,” she whispered not watching either of them. She’d started speaking again a few days back. Not much and not for long. She was struggling with conversation. She struggled even more with physical contact. But Kyle tried anyway. He approached her and made to take her hand. She flinched, her breast heaved even though she let him hold it. She was terrified. She used to smile and flirt. Now, she looked like a small bird which wings were clipped. They had to do something.

Their friend was in so much pain she barely could hold it together and he had not the slightest idea how to help her rebuild the broken pieces of her life. It was as if she died that night; he needed a miracle, a resurrection. Well Jason Fairfax wasn’t afraid of a challenge; and he loved Kelsey very much. He’d give her that miracle.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompts struggle and rebuild

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