Depth ~ Where the Eagles Fly

Sitting on the branch, Selena observed the eagles through the lens of her camera: they were such magnificent creatures, kings of the skies. No wonder they were Zeus’s symbols in the old days. She sighed. Sometimes she wished she could be like them: free, without any responsibilities. No job, no rent to pay… a bird of prey reigning over its domain. No wonder she’d seen so many corpses of bunnies and squirrels around. The eagles must feed. It must be a beautiful thing to catch a hawk or eagle in its plunge for a prey. If only…

Shit! How did he find her? She’d specifically relocated so as not to see him. She didn’t want to see him at all. She turned rashly to tell him off. A stupid thing to do when one sat 5 meters above ground.
She screamed as she fell. Surprisingly the one thing she thought was
“I should let go of the camera, shouldn’t I? Fuck no!”
She held onto her 10k material for dear life knowing – somewhere in the rational part of her brain – that doing so might mean her death. But she’d invested too much. She didn’t land on the ground though; she fell in someone’s arms. Well his arms. She didn’t want to be there. She didn’t want him to be there.
“Got you. Talk about happenstance. Saved your life too honey.”
Happenstance yeah right.
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks. Let me go now.”
“You could show some gratitude.”
“What do you want a kiss?”
“Sure from you always.”
“Grant. If you hadn’t disturbed me, I wouldn’t have fallen. So get lost.”
She fell on the ground… Ouch that hurt.
“Why did you do that for?”
She looked up. But Grant had disappeared. WTF! He was gone, literally. Nobody was around except the bunny that stood some way away terrified by the eagles’ screech above. It hopped away and hid in the bushes. Had she dreamed this or what? No, her camera bag was still in the tree and she’d definitely fallen on her ass. She made the climb back up to grab her gear then down and left. That was weird… She must have hit her head or something.

She was lost in thoughts and still a little rattled when she reached the road. Some cars sped by, and she waited for a break in traffic.
Shit! How did she find her? She’d come to this part of the forest so as not see her. She didn’t want to see her at all. She turned rashly to tell her off. And was pulled away, as a car raced a few inches away from her and honked.
She screamed, as she fell over Felicia.
“Got you. Talk about happenstance. Saved your life too honey.”
Happenstance yeah right.
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks. Let me go now.”
“You could show some gratitude.”
She pushed herself away from Felicia and brushed her clothes. Shit, what about the camera? She checked it, while chiding her ex.
“Felicia, if you hadn’t screamed, I would have seen that car. It’s your fault. Leave me alone.”
She looked up. Felicia was gone. WTF! What was happening today? Just above her head and eagle flew low and a small squirrel ran for its life to a tree. She’d missed the plunge. Damn it!

She crossed the road and pulled out her car keys; she passed on the skateboard park for a shortcut when someone called her name.
Shit! What kind of a day was that? Three of her exes in the same f*** spot. Was it a message from the universe or something? She turned rashly to tell him off, and felt herself fall, as one of the kids’ skateboard zipped under her feet. She was on the skate out of control. She wheeled towards Oscar who caught her before the skate flew further.
“Sorry Miss.” The kid whose skate had almost killed her said.
“Got you. Talk about happenstance. Saved your life too honey.”
Happenstance my ass! What kind of fucked up day was this?
“Yeah, yeah. Thanks let me go now.”
“You could show some gratitude.”
She moved away from his hold… She’d liked Oscar a lot. But he hated photography and that she could spend hours away from the house without him. Their story was doomed.
“Thank you.”
“I thought we could have tea together.”
“No Oscar. You and I. We’re done. Beside I’m having a weird day.”

His smile froze, his eyes got colder. Another reason she left; he was different when he was angry. That scared her sometimes. He pulled a gun… Screams all around as the kids scattered.
“You will be coming for a tea with me. And then we’ll discuss the conditions of you coming back to live with me.”
“What are you going to do Oscar? Kill me?”
“I might. If you don’t come back to me.”
“Fuck you!”
She probably shouldn’t antagonize him. But she didn’t care. Somehow that day felt totally surreal. She’d wake up in her bed soon. She had to.

He pulled the trigger… And time stopped. She could see the bullet as it slowed down… but it hit her camera. It exploded in her hands. She screamed. The pain was surprising: it hurt her hand, but also her heart. Fuck! It was 3 months worth of her salary. And she couldn’t pay it back without photos. Done, she was done!
“Good…” Someone said.

Selena was looking down from the tree… it had been a dream after all. There was a bunny hopping near the bushes. She jumped from the branch and plunged; she caught it in her talons.
“Selena please, don’t.” It said before its voice fell silent.
She flew… She was flying. Next to her, an eagle, a gorgeous one.
“Welcome home Selena.”
Zeus, king of the skies. Her master, her saviour. He’d granted her wish. She was an eagle. She flew with them. He’d seen in the depth of her heart to find her wish.


In response to the Deviant Art Flash Fiction July 20 challenge and inspired by the Daily Post writing prompt Depth

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