Crisis ~ Control

She sat there, watching the image. She had to concentrate. But the image made no sense at all; and pressing her eyes with her fingers didn’t help. If anything, it made things worse because there were stars, zigzags and other weird shapes blurring her vision.

There must be a beginning and end if only she could follow the lines, but she could barely concentrate. She had to though; the doctor said so. If she could find the end of the maze she’d be able to leave. But she couldn’t. She was focusing so hard on it though. She saw that and only that. Someone was speaking; she knew that but she didn’t listen. Concentrating on the image was more important.

Dr. Grabcheat said to concentrate; but the more she focused, the less she could figure out the pattern; it was endless. Looping over itself. She had to start again, she couldn’t stop. She had to. The doctor said so. It was good for her. And she wanted to be good. She wanted to get out. So she had to do what the doctor said. To take her meds, to come to her sessions, to let the Doctor’s programming become her truth. Because she couldn’t find the end of the image, she had no choice but to stay here. She was in crisis… depression. She needed to be here now.
She had to come back and look at the image and concentrate. And soon even if she did get out, she would still be Dr. Grabcheat’s creature. And now she would forget and wake up feeling refreshed.

“So Serena? Did you find it?”
She looked at the image. There was no beginning and no end that she could see. It was an optical illusion, a labyrinth. She could never find it.
“Am I really supposed to?”
He smiled.
“Well we’re making progress. What do you think?”
She bit her lips.
“I know I have to, but I don’t think I’m supposed to.”
“Good girl. I’ll see you tomorrow then.”
“Yes Doctor.”

She left the room, feeling a little better. She’d made progress he said. There was still a long way to go. She knew. She’d been at the clinic for 6 months and she’d had highs and lows. But she would regain control and get out one day.


In response to the Daily Post writing prompt Crisis


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    1. MyLovingWife says:

      That was the idea 😉.
      Thank you.


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